Cross-border e-commerce shop construction
Support for overseas EC mall store setup


Shop Construction & Mall Store Setup
With Accompanying Support

Cross-border e-commerce is not just about launching a shop; it's about achieving sales growth. j-Grab aims to increase sales in cross-border e-commerce through a combination of "shop construction and overseas mall store setup" and "accompanying support."

ショップ構築・モール出店 × 伴走サポート


Issues to be solved

  • 知識・経験・ノウハウの不足

    Lack of knowledge, experience and know-how

    I want to start cross-border EC but don't know where to start. I don't know what products to sell overseas...

  • サイト構築・モール出店の選択ミス

    Mistakes in site construction and selection of mall store openings

    I don't know how to build a cross-border EC site or open an EC mall. The cross-border EC site in operation does not work well...

  • 語学力必須という誤った先入観

    False preconception that language skills are required

    I registered for an overseas mall but cannot proceed because I do not understand English. I am worried about communicating with overseas users...


One-Stop Support

j-Grab provides one-stop support for all services necessary for success in cross-border EC.

  • ECサイト構築、ECモール出店、伴走サポート ECサイト構築、ECモール出店、伴走サポート
  • Hearing
  • Building online stores
  • Opening stores
  • Attracting customers and sales promotion
  • SEO
  • Receiving orders
  • Orders delivery
  • Customer support

Site construction / Mall opening

EC Site construction / EC Mall opening

No more worries about building a cross-border EC site or opening a store in an overseas EC mall. Our cross-border EC consultants will propose the best method for you.

  • Easy Shop Construction and Speedy Store Opening

    Shopify is a cross-border e-commerce site platform from Canada that is used by more than 1 million companies. The number of companies adopting Shopify is rapidly increasing in Japan as well. Its strength is that there is no need to install a system or set up a server, and it can be quickly built and launched at low cost and in a short period of time.

  • Extensive functionality and flexible customization

    Magento commerce cloud is the world's leading e-commerce platform from Adobe. Its strength is its ability to handle any size of business and its thousands of extensions. There are open source and enterprise versions to choose from depending on the size of your business.

  • Plugin to convert WordPress to EC

    WooCommerce is a cart function plugin for WordPress that allows you to convert your WordPress built site into an online store by simply installing & configuring the plugin. It is often used by those who have built their websites well with WordPress.

  • The world's largest global

    eBay is one of the world's largest global marketplaces, with over 183 million active users and sales in over 190 countries.It is also an e-commerce mall where Japanese products sell well, and we recommend opening an eBay store as a first step when engaging in cross-border e-commerce.

  • The world's largest general online store

    Amazon.com (Amazon) is the world's largest e-commerce site, and Amazon's own Fulfillment Centers (FBA) located in 175 locations around the world allow you to sell your products globally.The recommended approach is to create a product catalog and let Amazon handle the sales.

  • Marketplaces Growing Rapidly in Southeast Asia

    Shopee is an e-commerce mall in Singapore. The smartphone users in Southeast Asia is rapidly growing, and the number of Japanese businesses opening stores is rapidly increasing due to its reasonable fees. It can be the best option if you are considering an EC mall as your expansion into Southeast Asia.


Accompanying Support

Our cross-border EC consultants will become your partner & provide one-stop accompaniment support.


Support for building and opening stores

We will clarify the concept through thorough interviews and
propose the optimal method of building and opening stores.

  • Conducting hearings

    We clarify the concept of cross-border EC services through thorough interviews, including understanding the current situation and identifying issues, targeting, scenario design, goal setting, SWOT analysis, and product strategy.

  • Concept setting

    The most important step in building a store that sells is to find the strengths of your store. We will work with you to find the strengths that you can confidently put forward.

  • Selection of construction and store opening methods

    Our cross-border e-commerce consultants will propose the most suitable building service for your store based on your concept and strengths. No more worrying about whether to use Magento or Shopify.


Customer Attraction Support

The biggest reason why sales do not increase is that "customers do not come.
j-Grab will support you with our unique approach and customer attraction measures.

  • Integration with eBay

    The biggest reason why sales do not increase is that "customers do not come. j-Grab's scheme is to help you to link your own website (main store) with an eBay store (branch). We maximize the number of customers sent to our own site.

  • Attracting customers through influencers

    Our influencers will introduce your products and stores on the official Facebook page "JAPANCRAZE" operated by J-Grab.

  • Coupon Listing for Overseas

    j-Coupon, an international coupon service operated by j-Grab, provides discount, free shipping, special offers, and other coupon postings for use on customers' e-commerce sites and e-commerce malls.


Operational Support

Active support by our cross-border e-commerce consultants will help you
solve issues and achieve customer success.

  • Consulting desk

    j-Grab is always available for inquiries and consultation. Our cross-border EC consultants will support all customers until they achieve sales through cross-border EC.

  • FAQ Room

    Anyone can refer to the history of answers to inquiries.If you have any questions, we have a quick and accurate support system that can be searched and resolved immediately.

  • Proposal-based support

    Our cross-border EC consultants survey and analyze the customer's store, propose measures to solve problems, and proactively follow up with the customer to help them succeed (increase sales).


Optional Services

We offer a wide variety of
optional services that lead to successful cross-border EC.

  • Translation

    The translation of your product descriptions is not machine-translated, it will be done by a team of professional translators, with the final tuning done by j-Grab consultants.

  • Product Photography

    This is a service in which a professional photographer, who is a former technician for a famous camera manufacturer and has won awards at contests, etc., takes photographs of products on your behalf, capturing all of their charms.

  • Logistics(Fulfillment
    by j-Grab)

    The key to cross-border EC logistics and delivery is choosing the right partner. Our contracted international logistics companies specializing in cross-border e-commerce offer stable and low-cost worldwide delivery schemes, available for B2C and B2B.

  • Integration with EC Malls

    Automate inventory and listing linkage by introducing applications and extensions that can be linked to overseas e-commerce malls and your own cross-border e-commerce sites such as Shopify and Magento.

  • Influencer

    This is a service in which our influencers living overseas create introductions that go beyond mere product descriptions, such as product appeal, features, and background, to motivate purchases and attract customers from a foreigner's point of view.

  • Invoice

    After a product is sold, customer information will be logged into management tools such as Japan Post, DHL, and FedEx, and invoices and slips are automatically issued without manual intervention by introducing RPA.


Achievements and Industry

Government and Municipalities

Details of Initiatives

Not limited to prefectures, cross-border EC initiatives at the municipal level are gaining momentum, partly due to the Corona disaster.

j-Grab provides cross-border EC support services to national and local governments, chambers of commerce and industry, and other regional organizations. To date, j-Grab has steadily achieved results in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Fukushima, and other prefectures, as well as in Kawasaki City, Kiryu Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and other municipalities.

For small businesses that are unable to conduct cross-border EC business on their own, we work closely with local governments that support them, and provide extensive support from product selection to opening a store, product listing, sales, payment, and shipping.

We also support businesses in acquiring sales know-how and techniques through cross-border EC seminars and workshops to enable them to engage in cross-border EC business independently.

Financial Institutions

Details of Initiatives

Regional bank clients are paying more attention to cross-border EC and inquiries are increasing rapidly.

j-Grab offers a support service that provides cross-border EC consulting for bank lenders. As an example, j-Grab and the Johnan Shinkin Bank have entered into a business alliance, in which j-Grab's cross-border EC consultants provide advice on building and opening EC stores, attracting customers, and operational support to client companies introduced by the Jonan Shinkin Bank, as well as actual construction and support to promote exports and increase sales.

We are steadily achieving results while visiting client companies together with bank representatives.

Department Stores

Details of Initiatives

In the department store industry, the recent decline in inbound demand due to the Corona disaster has prompted a growing number of companies to export their products themselves and to engage in cross-border e-commerce in order to secure new sources of revenue and expand overseas sales channels.

j-Grab supports the cross-border EC business of Tokyu Department Store, the first Japanese department store to open an official cross-border EC store on eBay.

We provide a wide range of support, from opening a store to developing an operational system, and based on the department store's wealth of merchandise and cultivated expertise, we support the listing of approximately 150 items, including traditional crafts such as Edo faceted glass and chopsticks, and children's helmets, prayer beads, and incense sticks, which are becoming increasingly popular overseas.

We will continue to support the promotion of Japanese culture by leveraging the strengths of department stores.


Details of Initiatives

The secondhand luxury brand and other reuse industries have also been significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and as a strategy for expanding sales channels, there is a growing movement towards cross-border e-commerce.

Used goods from Japan are among the most trusted and sold at high prices worldwide. Examples include various items such as used cameras, musical instruments, accessories, general branded goods, collector's items, games, anime products, and J-POP-related items. Japanese individuals handle products very carefully, and items that have been resold to buyback stores are meticulously inspected for authenticity, often making them appear as good as new when they are sold.

Many users abroad confidently assert that 'Used goods from Japan are nearly equivalent to new,' and the enthusiasm for them is so fervent that there are even users who exclusively purchase used items through cross-border e-commerce from Japan.

Cosmetics & Beauty

Details of Initiatives

Japanese cosmetics are extremely popular worldwide due to their high quality, and the brand awareness in this genre is also among the highest in the world.

Among Chinese women who have visited Japan, Shiseido holds the top position with a recognition rate exceeding 90%, significantly ahead of the second-place brand, South Korea's Sulwhasoo, which has a recognition rate of 73%.

Furthermore, among Japanese brands, SK-II, Sekkisei, Kao, and Kose follow suit, with DHC also garnering recognition from over half of the respondents. As a result, there are many enthusiastic fans around the world who express a desire for Japanese cosmetics even if they come with a slightly higher price tag. Prior to the pandemic, inbound travelers used to flood cosmetics sections of drugstores and department stores, engaging in 'explosive buying' sprees. However, in the current situation where visiting Japan is challenging and non-essential travel is being avoided, a new shopping style has taken hold: purchasing large quantities through cross-border e-commerce.

Even after the pandemic subsides, it is expected that this trend will continue without a decrease, persisting in the long term.

Food & Beverage

Details of Initiatives

The food and beverage industry, including alcoholic beverages, had been relatively slow to transition to e-commerce. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, with efforts to minimize outings and an increase in home-based consumption, there has been a growing push toward e-commerce adoption. Concurrently, there is also an increasing interest in cross-border e-commerce as a means of further expanding sales channels.

Sake and fruit liqueurs from Japan have been selling well in places such as Taiwan and Southeast Asia. For food products, there are instances where cross-border e-commerce sales are possible if the expiration date is at least one month away. Processed goods and long shelf-life products can be handled without issues, and there are successful precedents in this regard.

For fresh produce and meat products, it is possible to coordinate with organizations such as plant quarantine offices and animal quarantine offices to facilitate the necessary procedures. For example, using services like Japan Post's Cool EMS or Yamato Transport's Cool Takkyubin, it's possible to utilize refrigeration and freezing technologies to deliver Japanese food globally.

Traditional crafts and locally produced goods

Details of Initiatives

The domestic market for traditional crafts is on a declining trend due to a shrinking population and an aging artisan workforce. Additionally, the impact of the novel coronavirus and the resulting travel restrictions, coupled with the collapse of inbound demand, have compounded the challenges, leading to a critical situation.

However, on the other hand, there is a strong overseas demand for 'MADE IN JAPAN' products, and high-quality Japanese products continue to enjoy enduring popularity.

Regarding locally produced goods, there is also a strong popularity through overseas influencers promoting them on social media platforms. Souvenirs, folk crafts, armor, swords, lucky charms, and amulets are among the popular categories that attract such a high level of interest that bulk purchasing is common.

Musical Instruments

Details of Initiatives

In regions like North America, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to an increase in users spending their free time on hobbies due to staying at home. As a result, there has been a sharp rise in sales of musical instruments such as guitars, basses, and synthesizers, including keyboard instruments.

Among them, sales of musical instruments originating from Japan have been increasing. This trend encompasses not only Japanese-made guitars and audio equipment but also a growing interest among overseas buyers for used foreign-made guitars.

j-Grab also provide long-term support for cross-border e-commerce of KORG products, and more recently, efforts have extended to supporting the cross-border e-commerce expansion of Shimamura Gakki (Shimamura Musical Instruments), actively contributing to the music instrument and audio industry.


We offer a range of plans that can be tailored to meet the challenges and needs of our customers.

Offered Plans

EC Site Construction/EC Mall Store Opening

  • EC Site Construction(Basic)

    This plan involves building a minimalistic cross-border e-commerce setup using platforms such as Shopify, Magento (open-source version), or WooCommerce. It focuses on essential design and functionality needed for cross-border e-commerce and offers a small-scale starting point.

  • EC Site Construction(Enterprise)

    This plan is based on platforms like Shopify Plus or Adobe Commerce Cloud and offers customization of design and functionality, catering to extensive development needs. It is particularly popular among multinational corporations due to its capability to handle large-scale projects.

  • ECモール出店

    This plan involves setting up shops on overseas e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Shopee, and JD (京東). It offers a cost-effective alternative to building a dedicated e-commerce website. Additionally, we also offer a management outsourcing plan where we act as an e-commerce store manager.

Accompaniment Support

  • Basic Support

    This plan involves providing coaching and support to business personnel for building and operating an e-commerce website or storefront on an e-commerce marketplace. It includes activities such as obtaining IDs, setting up international payment accounts, product selection, international pricing determination, translating and listing items, configuring logistics systems, customer support, and handling issues and disputes.

  • Advanced Support

    This plan involves our cross-border e-commerce operations personnel taking over various tasks required for building, promoting, and managing an e-commerce website or storefront on an e-commerce marketplace, on behalf of your business personnel. Our team will handle and support cross-border e-commerce operations tasks including promotions, fine-tuning product information and pricing, order and inventory processing, product shipment, returns, and customer support.

For detailed pricing plan information, please feel free to contact us.
We will provide proposals tailored to your business model and the products you handle.


Frequently Asked Questions about Cross-border EC

I would like to try cross-border EC, but it's tough if I can't speak English (or any other foreign language), right?

In fact, they are all not good at foreign languages. Nearly half of our clients’ cross-border EC staff are not good at foreign languages or cannot speak them at all. In reality, however, machine translation is sufficient in most cases for communicating with buyers, and cloud translation is the mainstream for product descriptions, so don't worry. Our accompanying support also eliminates language concerns.

Please tell us more about the details of your cross-border EC accompaniment support.

The accompaniment support begins after the delivery of the cross-border e-commerce site or the opening of the e-commerce mall. Since the site is in a minimal state when the business is launched, our cross-border EC consultants and engineers will provide general support for cross-border EC, including the introduction of additional applications and extensions, design readjustment, product information updates, international shipping cost reviews, translation tuning, SNS customer attraction, coupon site linkage, and more. Our cross-border EC consultants and engineers are always available to assist you.

I'm concerned about building a website, is there a technique or method you would recommend?

We will propose the optimal construction method for your shop, but in general, we will first build and deliver a simple e-commerce site using platforms such as Shopify, Magento, or WooCommerce.

Following that, during the accompanying support phase, we will proceed with Phase 2, which involves introducing apps or extensions, conducting research and verification, and more. At J-Grab, experienced cross-border e-commerce consultants and engineers listen carefully to your needs and goals, using their skilled techniques and expertise to propose the most suitable construction methods.

I want to focus on function and design. Can I customize it?

Our strength lies in our flexible development structure that can adapt to your requirements. We practice website construction that strives to follow your requests as much as possible, including adding functionalities that are not provided as standard or creating original designs.

We are adept at utilizing Shopify apps and Magento extensions for feature enhancements. Moreover, we can also accommodate customizations tailored to your specific needs.

Shopify and Magento each have enterprise versions, what is the difference?

For Shopify, there is Shopify Plus, and for Magento, there is Adobe Commerce Cloud, both of which offer enterprise editions. In the case of Shopify, the need for cart customization, B2B functionality, and the operation of multiple language and currency options with different rules for each country and customer may require the use of Shopify Plus.

In the case of Magento, it is suitable for scenarios where the number of product SKUs exceeds 10,000, or when there is a desire to avoid bugs in the open-source version or issues with extension compatibility as much as possible. It is also useful when there is a need for license management or when there are many staff members involved in the operation.

I want to start a thorough cross-border EC business in China and am considering selling in JD.

China, led by the Alibaba Group, is a country with strict rules and high barriers to entry. They often say, "Let's discuss if you have a product that can generate 100 million yen in annual sales." The costs are also significantly high, requiring several tens of millions of yen from the first year. It is not something that can be approached with a casual attitude like, "Let's try listing it and see if it sells."

Therefore, in the first year, we recommend getting familiar with the cross-border e-commerce markets of the second-largest in the world, such as eBay and Amazon in the English-speaking regions (Europe and the Americas), or establishing your own e-commerce site using Shopify or Magento.


Introducing the achievements of j-Grab

We have built up a track record of supporting more than 2,500 companies in cross-border EC, and we have supported more than 250 companies in building cross-border EC sites and opening of overseas EC malls.From major companies and local governments to large-scale development, the track record accumulated since our establishment in 2010 is the No. 1 in the cross-border EC industry.

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