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  • 山田 彰彦
    山田 彰彦

    Akihiko Yamada

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO) /
    Cross-border EC consultant

    Founded j-Grab Inc. after working as a founding member of eBay JAPAN, Yahoo Japan Corporation Yahoo! Auctions! Planning Department Manager, and Aucfan Co., Ltd.. Yamada has 24 years of cross-border EC experience. He is also an eBay Japan Certified Consultant, JETRO New Export Power Consortium EC Expert, and the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency "New Leader" Cross-Border EC Member.

  • 中山 雅弘
    中山 雅弘

    Masahiro Nakayama

    Chairman /RPA Business Manager

    Responsible for business collaboration, fund procurement, and capital policy support with various companies centered on the finance and fintech fields cultivated during the 23 years of service in Mitsubishi Bank. The philosophy is to promote the PRA "WinActor" and "Cast on Call" businesses and the cross-border EC business, and to give top priority to the interests of our customers.

  • 横川 広幸
    横川 広幸

    Hiroyuki Yokokawa

    Director Corporate Sales Manager
    Cross-border EC consultant

    Engaged in corporate sales and marketing when eBay JAPAN was founded. Selling Japanese Buddhist altars to 86 countries around the world on the cross-border EC site "Tokyotrad" linked to eBay. He gives seminar lectures and individual consultations all over Japan as a cross-border EC advisor based on his own experience of cross-border EC success.

  • 織田 壮太郎

    Sotaro Oda

    Director General Manager of Development Division/
    Senior Engineer

    Joined in j-Grab after working at Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and RareJob. Write beautiful code and shortly in any language from a management perspective, from cross-border EC development utilizing the world's No. 1 Magento, Japanese RPA WinActor, EC payment, business system, infrastructure construction, video distribution. The motto is provide multi-support from infrastructure to development.

  • 宮浦 晴雄

    Haruo Miyaura

    Director /
    Marketing & Sales

    After working at Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. for 37 years to expand local services of Matsushita around the world such as the United States and the Middle East, after working as a concierge of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Miyaura joined j-Grab as director of Marketing & Sales at Headquarters (concurrently serving at Kansai desk).

  • 山崎 秀夫

    Hideo Yamazaki

    Advisor /
    RPA / FinTech Expert

    After working as a senior researcher at Nomura Research Institute, he is a managing director of the Japan Knowledge Management Society. Having a qualification as a registered management consultant, he distributes the world's most advanced fintech information using numerous books and SNS. He is also a PRA WinActor Business and Cross-Border EC / FinTech Advisor.

  • 安達 一彦

    Kazuhiko Adachi


    Founder (Chairman) of Intelligent Wave. After working at Nihon Unisys Research Institute and Japan CDC, he founded the Japan Mark and became the president. Established Intelligent Wave and Japan Tandem Computers. He is also an advisor for cross-border EC and international payment (fintech area).

  • 真鍋 憲士

    Kenji Manabe

    Web Producer
    UX Designer

  • 相馬 有紀

    Yuuki Souma


  • 田辺 裕子

    Yuko Tanabe


  • 高橋 芳枝

    Yoshie Takahashi

    General Affairs / Accounting
    MOS Master

  • 河野 麻美

    Asami Kono

    Technical Support

  • 白井 章子

    Shouko Shirai

    Web Designer

  • 井林 ヒサ枝

    Hisae Ibayashi

    Web Director

  • 野口 理絵

    Rie Noguchi

    Web Designer / PM

  • 瀧本 由美子

    Yumiko Takimoto


  • 池田 桃子

    Momoko Ikeda

    PM / Sales Support

  • あさの ひろこ

    Hiroko Asano

    Technical Support

  • 中島 孝

    Takashi Nakajima

    RPA Secretariat
    Event Management

  • レイ レディシオ

    Rae Redecio


  • ケビン ベンチュラ

    Kevin Ventura

    Technical Support

  • ネイシャ



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