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EC site construction and EC mall opening

You no longer have to worry about building a cross-border EC site or opening a store in an overseas EC mall. Our cross-border EC consultants will propose the most suitable method for you.

  • Build a Shop Easily and Speedy Opening

    Shopify is a cross-border e-commerce platform from Canada, used by over 1 million companies. The number of companies introducing this technology is rapidly increasing in Japan. The advantage of this system is that it does not require installation of a system or a server, and can be quickly built and launched at low cost and in a short period of time.

  • Rich functionality and flexible customization

    Magento commerce cloud is a world class e-commerce platform provided by Adobe. The strength is its ability to scale to any size business and our thousands of extensions. There is an open source version and an enterprise version to choose from, depending on the scale of your business.

  • Plug-in to turn WordPress into EC

    WooCommerce is a cart functionality plugin for WordPress. You can turn your WordPress website into an online store by simply installing and configuring a plugin. It is often used by people who have built their websites well with WordPress.

  • One of the world's largest global

    eBay is one of the world's largest global marketplaces, with over 183 million active users and sales in over 190 countries. It is also an EC mall where Japanese products sell well, and we recommend you to open an eBay store first if you are working on cross-border EC.

  • The world's largest comprehensive online store

    Amazon.com is the world's largest e-commerce site, and Amazon's unique Fulfillment Centers (FBA), located in 175 locations around the world, allow you to sell products globally. The recommended method is to create a product catalog and leave the selling to Amazon.

  • A rapidly growing marketplace in Southeast Asia

    Shopee is an e-commerce mall in Singapore. Due to the rapid growth of smartphone users in Southeast Asia and the reasonable fees, the number of Japanese businesses that open stores in Shopee is rapidly increasing. If you are considering an e-commerce mall as a way to expand into Southeast Asia, it can be your best option.


Companionship Support

Our cross-border EC consultants will be your partner
and provide you with one-stop companionable support.


Construction and store opening support

We will clarify your concept through in-depth interviews and
propose the best store construction and opening method.

  • Conducting interviews

    We clarify the concept of the cross-border EC service through thorough interviews, including understanding the current situation and identifying issues, targeting, scenario design, goal setting, SWOT analysis, and product strategy.

  • Concept setting

    The most important part of building a successful store is to find the strengths of your store. We will work with you to find the strengths that will make you confident that you are the best!

  • Selection of construction and store opening methods

    Our cross-border EC consultant will propose the best construction service for your store based on your concept and strengths. There is no need to worry about Magento or Shopify anymore.


Support for attracting customers

The biggest reason why sales are not increasing is that customers are not coming.
We support you with j-Grab's unique collaboration and customer attraction measures.

  • eBay integration

    The biggest reason why sales are not increasing is that customers are not coming. At j-Grab, we use a collaborative scheme of to link your own website (main store) and eBay store (branch). We can maximize the number of customers sent to your site.

  • Customer Attraction through Influencers

    Our influencers will introduce your products and stores on "JAPANCRAZE", the official Facebook page run by j-Grab.

  • Posting of coupons for overseas customers

    J-Coupon is a coupon service for overseas customers operated by J-Grab that offers discounts, free shipping, special offers, and other special coupon postings that can be used on your e-commerce site or e-commerce mall.


Operational Support

With the active support of our cross-border EC consultants, we
can help you solve problems and achieve customer success.

  • Consultation Service

    j-Grab is always available for inquiries and consultations. Our cross-border EC consultants will support all of our customers until they are able to increase their sales through cross-border EC.

  • FAQ Room

    The history of responses to inquiries can be viewed by anyone. If you have any questions, we have a quick and accurate support system that allows you to search and solve them immediately.

  • Proposal-based support

    Our cross-border EC consultants will research and analyze the your store, propose measures to resolve issues, and actively follow up to ensure the customer's success (increased sales).


Optional Services

A wide variety of optional services
are available to help make your cross-border EC a success.

  • Translations

    The translation of product descriptions is not done by machine translation, but by professional translation service provided by translators, and then the final touches and final tuning are done by j-Grab’s consultants.

  • Product Photography

    This is a service that allows you to have a professional photographer, who is a former engineer of a famous camera manufacturer and has a lot of experience in taking pictures of things that have won awards in contests, etc., take pictures on your behalf to fully capture the appeal of your products.

  • Logistics(Fulfillment
    by j-Grab)

    The key for cross-border EC logistics and delivery is partner selection. Our contracted international logistics company specializing in cross-border EC provides a stable, low-cost delivery scheme worldwide. You can use it for B2C and B2B.

  • EC Mall Integration

    By introducing applications and extensions that can be linked to overseas EC malls on your own cross-border EC sites such as Shopify and Magento, you can automate inventory and product listing integration.

  • Influencer

    This is a service in which our influencers living overseas create introductory texts that go beyond mere product descriptions, such as the appeal, features, and background of the product, to stir up the desire to buy, to announce and attract customers from the perspective of foreigners.

  • Invoice

    By introducing RPA, the task of issuing invoice, etc. can be solved without the need for human labor. After a product is sold, the customer's information will be logged into the management tools of Japan Post, DHL, FedEx, etc., and the invoice and voucher are automatically issued.


We offer a wide range of plans
to meet the needs of our customers

Plans offered

EC site construction and EC mall opening

  • EC Site Development (Basic)

    This is a small-start plan based on Shopify, Magento (open source version), and WooCommerce, focuses on the minimum design and functionality required for cross-border EC.

  • EC Site Construction (Enterprise)

    This plan is based on ShopifyPlus and Adobe Commerce Cloud, and supports customization of design and functions, as well as large-scale development. This plan is very popular among foreign companies.

  • EC mall opening

    This is a plan to open a store on overseas e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, Shopee, and Jingdong (JD). The cost can be reduced compared to building an EC site. We also offer a substitution plan where we act as the EC store manager.

Companionship Support

  • Basic Support

    This is a plan that provides coaching to business personnel for building (opening and operating) EC sites and EC malls, attracting customers, and managing them. We provide coaching and support for obtaining IDs, opening international payment accounts, selecting products, determining international prices, translating and registering products for sale, setting up logistics systems, dealing with customers, and handling problems.

  • Advanced Support

    This is a plan in which our cross-border EC management staff acts on behalf of the business manager to perform the various tasks necessary for building (opening and operating) an EC site and EC mall, attracting customers, and managing the site. We will act as your agent and provide support for cross-border EC operations, including promotions, product information and price tuning, order and inventory processing, product shipping, returns, and customer support.

Please contact us for more information about our pricing plans.
We will propose a plan that fits your business model and the products you handle.


Frequently Asked Questions

I'd like to try cross-border EC, but it's tough if I can't speak English (a foreign language), right?

In fact, nearly half of our clients are not good at foreign languages, or cannot speak them at all.However, in reality, machine translation is usually sufficient for communicating with buyers, and cloud translation is the mainstream for product descriptions, so don't worry. Our companionship support also helps you with language concerns.

Can you tell us more about the details of your companionship cross-border EC support?

Companionship support begins after the delivery of a cross-border EC site or the opening of an EC mall. When you start your business, you will be in a minimal state, so our cross-border EC consultants and engineers will provide general support for cross-border EC, such as introducing additional applications and extensions, readjusting designs, updating product information, reviewing international shipping costs, tuning translations, attracting customers through SNS, and linking coupon sites.

I'm having trouble building a website. Do you have any recommended techniques or methods?

We will propose the best construction method for your store, but basically, we build and deliver a simple EC site using Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.

In the subsequent companionship support phase, we will introduce applications and extensions, and conduct research and verification. At j-Grab, our experienced cross-border EC consultants and engineers use their mastery of technology and know-how to listen carefully to the needs and goals of our customers and propose the most appropriate construction methods.

I want to focus on function and design, can you customize it?

Our strength is our flexible development system that can follow the requirements. We can add functions that are not provided as a standard feature, create original designs, etc., and follow the customer's requests as much as possible.

We provide flexible support for you includes your own customization as well as functional extensions using Shopify applications and Magento extensions.

What is the difference between the enterprise versions of Shopify and Magento?

Shopify has Shopify Plus, Magento has Adobe Commerce Cloud, and other enterprise versions. In the case of Shopify, this is necessary if you need in-cart customization, B2B functionality, or if you want to operate in multiple languages and multiple currencies with different rules and customers in different countries.

Magento is used when the number of product SKUs exceeds 10,000, or when you want to avoid bugs in the open source version or extension matching as much as possible, or when you want to manage licenses or have a large number of staff involved.

We want to start a thorough cross-border EC business in China; we are considering selling our products on JD.

This is a country with the world's strictest rules and the highest hurdles to opening a store, led by the Alibaba Group, which says, "If you have a product that sells 100 million yen a year, let's discuss it”. The cost of the project is also inordinate, requiring tens of millions of yen from the first year.You can't do it lightly and say, "Let's see if it sells on a trial basis.”

Therefore, in the first year, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the No. 2 cross-border EC markets of Europe, the United States (English-speaking countries), eBay and Amazon, or your own EC site on Shopify or Magento.


Introducing the achievements of j-Grab

We have built up a track record of supporting more than 2,500 companies in cross-border EC, and we have supported more than 250 companies in building cross-border EC sites and opening of overseas EC malls.From major companies and local governments to large-scale development, the track record accumulated since our establishment in 2010 is the No. 1 in the cross-border EC industry.

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