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    Cross Border Trade & Magento Solution Company
  • Selling across multiple channels and marketplaces takes much more than just creating a listing. With thousands of customers using our solution 24/7/365, M2E team constantly receives valuable insight into market trends and customer needs. We know what tools your business needs in order to succeed.
    Control your inventory & succeed when selling on eBay
  • Implement various selling strategies and manage all your inventory/ orders from Magento
    We are Magento Specialist!
j-Grab to multiply your commerce growth? Let’s talk!
Magento is an open source e-commerce platform capable of supporting a huge scale of eCommerce websites, from small boutique-style shops to enterprise level stores with high transaction volumes and vast audiences. We build extensions, design and build themes, connect your store to your stock, payment and fulfillment systems, and we can even help with your hosting.

How you can benefit from our products?

Our partnership with j-Grab has been nothing but fruitful over the last ten years. Solutions that j-Grab provides help to save time with some of the customizations our clients require and a dedicated support channel helps to quickly resolve any issues.


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Frequently Asked Question
Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms used on the web today, and use is still on the rise. Here are six compelling reasons to choose Magento over the competition. 1. Open Source! 2. Multi-site, Single Install 3. Easy to Extend 4. SEO-Friendly 5. Scalable 6. Rich in Features.
Drupal won first prize for the second year in a row at CMS award. The achievement of NASA, White House, Stanford University, JOHNSON & JOHNSON and New York Securities exchange are highly evaluated. It has switched from Wordpress and Joomla. Many standard functions, such as contents management, membership management, EC, payment, keyword search and multi languages are equipped. It is suitable for development of portal site. It passed very strict security audit. Through management screen, it is very easy to edit and customize by affluent option module and PHP. It has supported as the framework for a site development in the world.
We develop from the newest Responsive Web Design, which is correspondent smart devices to iOS, Android APP. This is included from native APP development from HTML5 hybrid APP development Platform “MONACA”.
We think that a system development should be for our customer’s dreams come true and collaborative work. Because normally you don’t get used to hear about system development words, you might worry about the progress whether it goes smooth or not. We value to talk to our customers simply and understandable. If you have questions, please ask us again and again. We’ll explain carefully and after you satisfy yourself, we’ll start the implement.
It is very important elements How current system is developed in a configurations, how is format of the database, whether the program connection in the system is explicit, and whether you have the document or specification of the system development. Definitely, even if you don’t have these information, it might be possible, so please free to ask us.
Here is some of our clients

Tatami shop

Tatamise Inc.

Cross Border Trade

Music Soft

KORG Corporation

Multichannel Retailing


CameraShop K.K.

NTT Learning Systems



RareJob Inc.

J-Anime figure

Micke Tokyo

Traditional crafts


Hokkaido Milk Products.



Fukushima Goods

Fukushima Pref.

Company Profile
Company Name : j-Grab Inc.
Head Office : 14-1 Sakuragaoka-cho Shibuya-ku
Tokyo 150-0031 JAPAN
Kansai Office : 3-15-5 Toyosaki Kitaku Osakashi
Osakafu 531-0072 JAPAN
Fiscal year: Jan.1 to Dec.31
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    Magento | Developing System, Maintenance

    Drupal | Developing System, Maintenance

    Multichannel Retailing Developing

    Proxy Selling Service for eBay

    Creating Web Pages (JA/EN)

    Web Advertising / Facebook Marketing



    Facebook JAPAN | Google Inc.

    LINE Corporation. | Yahoo!JAPAN

    PayPal Pte.Ltd. | GMO Internet, Inc.

    RareJob Inc. | DENTSU INC.

    ReNet Japan Group,inc.



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    Google Adwords Partner

    eBay Education Specialist

    CrunchBase&AngelList Member

    Yahoo!JAPAN Charity Partner

    E-Commerce Asia Association



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Masahiro Nakayama / 中山雅弘

Masahiro Nakayama

General Manager / Admin.

Hideo Yamazaki/ 山崎秀夫

Hideo Yamazaki

Adviser / SeniorConsultant

Haruo Miyaura / 宮浦晴雄

Haruo Miyaura


Shoichi Ikuta / 生田 章一

Shoichi Ikuta

Executive officer / Int'l Div

Akihiko Yamada / 山田彰彦

Akihiko Yamada

President / Founder

Hiroyuki Yokokawa / 横川広幸

Hiroyuki Yokokawa

Sales & CBT Manager

Sotaro Oda / 織田壮太郎

Sotaro Oda

Senior Engineer / Developer

Kyo Gaka / 許 雅華

Sherry Hsu

Sales & CBT Manager

Kenji Manabe / 真鍋 憲士

Kenji Manabe

Chief Web Director/Marketing

Yuuki Souma / 相馬有紀

Yuuki Souma

Developer / Producer

Yoshie Takahashi / 高橋芳枝

Yoshie Takahashi

Admin / Affairs Dept.

Hiroko Tanabe / 田辺裕子

Hiroko Tanabe

Developer / Producer

Shoko Shirai / 白井章子

Shoko Shirai

Web Designer / Markuper

Shoko Shirai / 牧 ひとみ

Hitomi Maki

eBay&Amaozn Selling Staff

Daisuke Futaki / 二木大介

Daisuke Futaki

Web Designer / Markuper

Takashi Nakajima / 中島孝

Takashi Nakajima

Event Producer

Rae Redecio / レイ・レディシオ

Rae Redecio

Developer / Blogger

Kevin Ventura / ケビン・ベンチュラ

Kevin Ventura

Drupal Developer / Markuper