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j-Grab is a one-stop, companion solution company that provides all the services necessary to succeed in cross-border e-commerce.


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Launching a cross-border e-commerce shop is not the end. While a normal online shop production company creates and builds a site, J-Grab provides the services necessary for the success of a cross-border e-commerce shop in a one-stop and accompanying manner.


We will build a cross-border EC site
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J-Grab's site construction is equipped with all the functions necessary for operating a cross-border EC site and increasing sales as standard. You can freely choose the site design from the eight recommended themes. In addition, we provide unique services that only J-Grab can offer, such as opening stores on eBay, linking inventory, and improving operational efficiency using RPA.

Introduction record of more than 170 companies
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  • 東京都
  • 福島県
  • 福岡県
  • JETRO 日本貿易振興機構(ジェトロ)
  • KORG 株式会社コルグ
  • 濱文様
  • 株式会社箔一
  • 北海道乳業株式会社

What is cross-border EC? Market size and top-selling products

Income levels have risen in major countries around the world, and the rapid spread of smartphones has led to increasing interest in Japanese products, and the cross-border e-commerce market is expanding rapidly year by year. At the same time, the situation in each country and trade rules are changing. It is necessary to check the latest situation, failures and success stories of cross-border EC.


Magento is a multilingual, multi-currency cross-border EC cart with the world's No. 1 sales record adopted by 260,000 companies worldwide.


Shopify is an EC site creation platform (ASP type shopping cart system) from Ottawa, Canada.


eBay is one of the world's largest global e-commerce marketplaces, with 177 million active users coming to buy every day in 204 countries around the world.


Amazon is the world's largest and most advanced e-commerce site and web service company founded by Jeff Bezos in Seattle, USA.

Comparison of Magento and Shopify

Which of the two major platforms for cross-border e-commerce sites, "Shopify" and "Magento", should be selected? It is important to select the optimal platform not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of budget, scale, design, achievement of customization requests, and whether ROI can be achieved strategically.


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