Cross-border EC consultants provide accompanying supports.
We help you to achieve increased sales.

j-Grab provides one-stop, accompanying type of consulting,
includes store opening, attracting customers, and operational support
those are necessary for the success of cross-border e-commerce shops.


J-Grab's strengths that make the consulting possible

J-Grab consulting is to utilize the cross-border EC platforms "Shopify" and "Magento" for the construction and operation of the main EC shop,
and use overseas EC malls such as "eBay" and "Amazon" as branches to attract customers, and sales methods,
which is the only solution that can increase sales of cross-border EC.

  • Professional

    Cross-border EC consultants are professional talents with abundant experience and know-how cultivated in eBay and Yahoo !.

  • Best track record in the industry

    Our greatest strength is the best track record and reliability in the cross-border EC industry, boasting more than 1,000 support records and more than 170 installation records.

  • One-stop service

    We are the only cross-border e-commerce company certified as an Information processing support organization by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and certified by the Japanese government as an IT introduction subsidy company.

  • Customer service

    We will firmly support you with close follow-up through regular individual consultations and active problem-solving support.


Only J-Grab can do
3 companion support

A cross-border EC consultant will be your partner
to provide one-stop support for accompanying you.


EC Store Opening Support

We will clarify the concept through thorough hearing
and propose the most suitable construction service.

  • Implementation of Hearing session

    We will clarify the concept of cross-border EC services through thorough hearings such as grasping the current situation and identifying issues, targeting, scenario design, goal setting, SWOT analysis, product strategy, etc.

  • Concept setting

    The most important thing to build a store that sells is to find out the "strengths of your own shop". "I won't lose to other stores! I'm No.1!", we will look for strengths that can be launched with confidence.

  • Site construction method selection

    As for the construction service selection, our cross-border EC consultants will propose the optimum construction service for your shop based on your concept and strengths.No more worrying about to choose Magento or Shopify.


Attracting Customers Support

We provide cross-border EC specialised measures to help you to attrack overseas customers.

  • eBay integration

    The biggest reason for the lack of sales is that "customers do not come". At j-Grab, we use a collaboration scheme between your website (main store) and eBay shop (as a branch store), to maximize the number of customers sent to your site.


    j-Grab operates Japan Craze, Japan's largest word-of-mouth network, which attracts 1.8 million foreigners who like Japan, which we will share to our foreign followers of your products and send them to your EC shop.

  • j-Coupon(Beta version started in October 2020)

    We will send more customers to your shop by posting and announcing the coupons of the products exhibited in the your EC shop on j-Grab's cross-border EC coupon providing service "".


Operational Support

Our cross-border EC consultants provide active support
to help you to realise customer success.

  • Consulting

    J-Grab accepts inquiries and consultations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our cross-border EC consultants will provide solid support until all of our clients make sales in their cross-border EC shop.

  • FAQ room

    Anyone can see the history of answers to inquiries. We have a quick and accurate support system that allows you to search for any questions and resolve them immediately.

  • Follow Up

    Our cross-border EC consultants investigate and analyze your shops and propose measures to solve problems, and actively follow up using online meeting toward customer success (increased sales).


Cross-border EC consultants

j-Grab's cross-border EC consultants have been involved in domestic and overseas e-commerce businesses such as eBay and Yahoo! for over 20 years, and they are professionals who also manages cross-border EC malls and their own website.

It's okay even you have no products, no language skills, or no EC experience!

You want to start cross-border EC but
you have the concerns like "I'm not good at English or Chinese ..."
"I have no experience with EC ..."
"I don't know what to sell ..." etc.?

I want to do cross-border EC, but it's tough if I can't speak English, right?

Actually, there are alot of people who are not good at foreign languages.

Most of our clients who operate cross-border EC are not good at foreign languages or can not do it at all, but in reality, the web translation is sufficient for communication with buyers, and cloud translation is mainly used to translate products' description. You can eliminate your anxiety about language barriers with our accurate accompaniment type support.

I don't have much experience in domestic EC, let alone overseas, but is cross-border EC impossible?

You can succeed even without EC experience!

Even if some of the people are beginners who have no experience in EC sales or operation, there are many people who have succeeded in launching their own EC site and opening overseas EC malls at the same time. A cross-border EC consultant will become your partner and follow up firmly to provide you with companionship support especially if you are a business operator that lack of experience.

I want to expand overseas, but I'm wondering what to sell ...

Let's start by searching the products together

In some cases, some customers who have achieved increased sales consulted with a cross-border EC consultant without deciding which products to sell from the beginning. There is no problem even if "I want to do cross-border EC but I don't know what to sell". Let’s start by using analytical tools to find products that you can sell with.



We will also build a cross-border EC site.

Based on the overwhelming know-how of cross-border e-commerce advisors and abundant achievements, J-Grab's unique online shop construction service utilizing Shopify and Magento to enable customers to expand their businesses overseas and increase sales.

Please feel free to contact us.


Weekdays from 10:00 to 22:00 / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 10:00 to 20:00