RPA WinActor (Cast on Call)

RPA will do your work for you

WinActor is a pure Japanese produced RPA solution with a history of development and use in the NTT Group and features backed by a wealth of implementation experience.
It is a low-cost computer automation tool for high-volume, routine tasks and operations such as slip creation, tracking code communication, order form creation, receipt creation, etc. Please feel free to contact us for more information on RPA experience and training courses, textbook and teaching material set sales, free trials, and distributorship.

What can be achieved with RPA

It is a low-cost computer automation tool for high-volume, routine tasks and operations such as slip creation, tracking code communication, order form creation, receipt creation, etc. If you adopt this tool, you will feel like “I should know this trick(method) earlier! “ and then you can easily introduce and automate your “scenario” with WinActor.

  • Business Efficiency Improvement

    By letting the robot perform routine tasks, you can concentrate on the work you should be doing or on tasks with high added value.

  • Mistakes Reduction

    Since it is a robot, it can operate at full capacity 24 hours a day, preventing human error from simple tasks and fatigue.

  • Cost Reduction

    Since the software can be used by simply installing it on a PC, development costs such as environment construction can be greatly reduced.

  • Speed Up

    It is compatible with all kinds of software, and is strong enough to work with other systems, so it speeds up work.

The Strength of RPA WinActor (Cast on Call)

WinActor is a pure Japanese RPA solution with technology and a proven track record that has been researched and used by the NTT Group. With its easy operability for anyone to use, the ability to link with a wide range of applications, and an easy-to-use scenario introduction, it can help you improve your daily business efficiency.

  • Reliable Japan Made RPA

    Since it is pure Japan made software, all interfaces and manuals are available in Japanese.

  • Adopted by more than 2,000 companies

    Japanese companies include NTT Group are using it for work efficiency improvement and it produce good results.

  • App integration

    It can operate not only Microsoft Office software, but also packages and SAP screens.

  • No programming required

    The automatic creation and library functions make it easy for even first-time users to operate.

  • Low Cost&High Quality

    The NTT Group has made it possible to offer an affordable pricing plan. Ideal for small businesses.

  • Adopted by more than 2,000 companies

    The support site and FAQ are fully equipped, so you can rest assured that you will have a full support system after installation.

Business Tasks that can be automated
with RPA WinActor (Cast on Call)

A variety of routine back-office tasks can be automated and delegated to robots.

Accounting and Finance
・Billing and payment data entry
・Fixed asset ledger management
・Transfer slip processing
General affairs
・Security card settings
・Processing of payments for materials
・Aggregation and analysis of decision information
Human Resources
・Daily overtime report
・Correction of personnel information
・Year-end adjustment
Business administration
・Tax Return Entry
・Application for expenses
・Product Sales Estimate
Accounting and Finance
・Contract administration
・Billing receipts and payments
・Managing the licensing system
Public Relations
・Press Release Creation
・Automatic SNS posting
・Gathering information on the Web


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