WinActor Cast on Call

Robotic Process Automation(RPA) will do your job for you

WinActor Cast on Call is a pure Japanese RPA solution developed by NTT Group, equipped with the functions that proven with the achievement due to the installations and it has a lot of history of use.
It is a low-cost computer automation tool for large-scale and routine tasks such as slip creation, tracking code contact, purchase order creation, and receipt creation. Please feel free to contact us to inquire about RPA experience / training seminars, RPA textbook / teaching material set sales, RPA free trials, and regarding RPA agencies.

What can be achieved with RPA

It is a low-cost computer automation tool for large-scale and routine tasks such as slip creation, tracking code contact, purchase order creation, and receipt creation for your day to day operations. If you adopt this tool, you will feel like “I should know this trick(method) earlier! “ and then you can easily introduce and automate your “scenario” with WinActor.

  • Improves Business Efficiency

    By letting the robot to perform routine processes, you are able to concentrate on the tasks that you should be doing and the tasks that have high added value.

  • Reduces Mistakes

    Since it is a robot, it can help to prevent human error caused by simple work and fatigue even at full operation 24 hours a day.

  • Reduces Cost

    Since it can be used just by installing it on a personal computer, development costs such as environment construction can be significantly reduced.

  • Speed Up

    It supports all kinds of software and provide strong linkage between systems, thus the speed of business & tasks will be increased.

The Strength of WinActor Cast on Call

WinActor Cast on Call is a pure Japan made RPA solution that has been continuously researching and used by NTT Group, and it has a proven track record. With easy operability that anyone can use it and the ability to link with a wide range of applications, the users can easily introduce the “scenario” into RPA to improve their daily work efficiency.

  • Reliable Japan Made RPA

    Since it is pure Japan made software, all interfaces and manuals are available in Japanese.

  • Adopted by more than 2,000 companies

    Japanese companies include NTT Group are using it for work efficiency improvement and it produce good results.

  • App Connection

    Not only Microsoft Office software, but also packages and SAP screens can be operated.

  • Programming is NOT required

    Even beginners can easily operate it with the automatic creation function and library function.

  • Low Cost &High Quaity

    An easy rate plan that can only be realized by the NTT Group. Great for small starts.

  • Adopted by more than 2,000 companies

    Since it is fully equipped with a support site and FAQ, it is a complete support system so you don’t have to worry about it even after RPA introduction.

Business Tasks that can be automated with WinActor Cast on Call

You can automate various routine tasks in the back office and leave it to the robot.

Accounting/ Finance
・Billing and payment data entry
・Fixed asset ledger management
・Transfer slip processing
General Affairs
・Security card settings
・Procossing for documents, payments and etc.
・Aggregation and analysis of approval information
Human Resources
・Overtime daily report
・Correction of personnel information
・Year-end adjustment
Sales Office
・Input for declaration/report
・Expense claim applications
・Product sales quote
Accounting/ Finance
・Contract work
・Licensing system management
Public relations
・Press release creation
・SNS automatic posting
・Information gathering on the Web

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