Cross-border EC Consulting Service


Consulting for Overseas Expansion

j-Grab's cross-border EC consulting services provide clients who want to engage in cross-border EC or expand their sales channels overseas with expert knowledge to solve various issues related to cross-border EC.



Issues to be solved

  • 越境EC、海外販売で相談できる人がいない

    No one to consult with regarding
    cross-border EC & international sales

    I don't know how to approach cross-border e-commerce or develop a strategy. Which countries should I target and at what prices? What are the shipping methods? What about customs duties? How do DAT, VAT, and intellectual property work, and what measures should I take? There is no one in my company or around me who is knowledgeable about these matters...

  • 越境ECサイト構築、ECモール開店運営ノウハウがない

    Lack of knowledge in building cross-border
    EC websites & operating online marketplaces

    I want to build a cross-border e-commerce website or open a store on international online marketplaces, but I lack the necessary expertise. How do I handle multiple languages and currencies? Which online marketplaces are the best? The development and operation costs seem excessive...

  • 越境EC販売中だが売上UPや大きくスケールしない

    Stagnant sales and inability to scale up in cross-border e-commerce

    My current cross-border e-commerce site is not generating significant sales or attracting more buyers. I need advice on customer acquisition, sales promotion, branding, SEO, system development, infrastructure issues, budget adjustments, establishing local subsidiaries, and more...



  • Building and managing overseas e-commerce websites (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, and other multilingual site development)
  • Opening and operating stores on international e-commerce platforms (eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Shopee, Lazada, Tmall, Ruten, Aeon, and others)
  • Cross-border e-commerce listing and consignment services (j-Grab Mall and others)
  • Showroom stores, local PR events, trade shows
  • Comprehensive consulting for international expansion (strategy, business planning, etc.)
  • Interpretation and translation services
  • Grants and subsidies
  • Overseas market research and marketing
  • Overseas test marketing, market research, and quick sales surveys
  • FCompliance with standards and certifications such as FDA, NMPA, trademarks, patents, Halal certification, etc.
  • International payment solutions (Payoneer, PayPal, Alipay, credit card payments, etc.)
  • Overseas web promotion, social media expansion
  • Distribution expansion (consignment sales, agency services, etc.)
  • Overseas tax and accounting (partner referrals)
  • Overseas product liability insurance, transportation insurance
  • International logistics (FBA, domestic warehouses, cross-border e-commerce shipping, etc.)
  • Cross-border e-commerce export, trade, and customs clearance (B2C, B2B)
  • System design, development, infrastructure, and system operation


Consulting Cases

  • Company A (Early Stage)
    ・Interested in starting cross-border EC
    ・Platform selection concerns

    A社 (初期)・越境ECこれから始めたい・プラットフォームの悩

    We are struggling to determine the right platform for our company in terms of building an e-commerce website. We are considering options like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce. We also need to synchronize our inventory with domestic e-commerce sites and online marketplaces.


    We will gather information about your products, target countries, inventory synchronization with other platforms, coordination with domestic e-commerce, budget, and the expertise and literacy of your e-commerce team. Based on this, we will provide an overview of the pros and cons of different e-commerce platforms and assist you in selecting the most suitable one. We will also offer guidance on implementation and operation.

  • Company B
    ・Currently operating cross-border EC
    ・Aim to enhance sales and expand sales channels


    Even after one year of establishing a cross-border EC website, we have not achieved the planned sales targets. Additionally, due to changes in our business structure, we find the current platform difficult to use. We are planning to expand our distribution channels by selling on multiple international e-commerce marketplaces.


    Many times, the scale and size of the company do not align with the operational requirements, making low-cost operations challenging. In such cases, it is advisable to conduct small-scale test marketing on platforms with proven sales performance. We can provide comprehensive advice, including transitioning to specific e-commerce platforms, reducing prices and shipping costs, and implementing strategies to facilitate expansion and growth.

  • Company C
    ・Facing challenges in system development
    ・Concerns regarding infrastructure investment


    We are using an open-source platform for our e-commerce website, and our servers are on the cloud. However, the infrastructure is unstable, and each additional development incurs unexpected costs and delays. Should we consider changing the platform?


    There have been numerous cases where platforms have been used in a manner that closely resembles scratch development. Our engineers can assist in creating an architectural diagram and providing advice on infrastructure when undertaking improvements and new development. In addition to investment, we can support you in alleviating concerns using j-Grab's proprietary methods that provide cost-effective solutions.


Cross-border EC Consultant

Akihiko YamadaCEO
Cross-border EC Consultant

He is one of the founding members of eBay Japan, a former Yahoo Japan Corporation Yahoo Auctions Planning Department Manager, and founded j-Grab Inc. after working at Oak Fan Corporation. With 24 years of experience in cross-border e-commerce, he is also a certified consultant for eBay Japan, an EC specialist for the JETRO New Exporting Country Consortium, and a member of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency's 'New Entrant' Cross-border E-commerce Committee.

Hiroyuki YokokawaDirector, Head of Corporate Sales
Cross-border EC Consultant

During the founding of eBay Japan, he was involved in corporate sales and marketing. He launched a cross-border e-commerce site called "Tokyotrad," integrated with eBay to sell Japanese Buddhist altar equipment to 86 countries worldwide. Based on his own successful experience in cross-border e-commerce, he now serves as a cross-border e-commerce advisor, conducting seminars, lectures, and individual consultations across Japan.

Hayakawa GohCross-border EC Consultant
Shopify Specialist

He was in charge of corporate sales during the launch of an overseas WiFi rental business. After that, he worked in marketing for Ponti Italia in Milan, Italy. Later on, he joined Shopify, a company used by 2 million businesses worldwide. He also personally engaged in cross-border e-commerce sales on platforms such as Shopee and eBay achieving monthly sales of over 3 million JPY. At j-Grab, he works as a cross-border e-commerce consultant.

Qu YunCross-border EC Consultant

She has worked as a business support and Alibaba negotiation specialist for foreign companies partnering with Tmall Globa. She is also involved with Chinese e-commerce companies, handling various roles such as EC and SNS marketing, analyst, and business development. Her expertise extends to supporting both cross-border e-commerce and domestic e-commerce businesses.

Sotaro OdaDirector, General Manager of Development Division
Senior Engineers

He joined j-Grab after working at Fujitsu Laboratories and RareJob. He develops cross-border e-commerce platforms with the world's No.1 platform, Magento, specializing in Japanese RPA software called WinActor, EC payments, business systems, infrastructure setup, and video distribution. With a business-oriented perspective, he strives to write code in any language beautifully and concisely. He is versatile, covering everything from infrastructure to development.


Rate Plans

The initial briefing (30 minutes) is free of charge. We will first listen to your requests and sense of issues, and then propose a specific consulting plan. Please contact us for more details.

  • Spot Consulting(From 30,000 JPY(excluding tax) / 60 min.)

    This is a one-off consulting service. Cross-border EC consultants respond flexibly to various cases in the form of individual consultations.

  • Regular Consulting(From 200,000 JPY(excluding tax)/ Month)

    This is a regular consulting service with multiple meetings per month. Our cross-border EC consultants will work with you on a one-stop basis to help you achieve your goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am a complete beginner in overseas sales. Is it possible to learn cross-border EC in a short time?

It is possible to deepen a comprehensive understanding of the basics and operation of cross-border EC in as little as one hour. This is not a one-way seminar, but rather a one-on-one consultation where questions and doubts can be raised and solved during the course of the discussion. It is recommended that you prepare your own agenda and questionnaire to make the consulting time even more intensive.

Is there any problem if I consult with you not only about cross-border EC but also about domestic EC?

No problem. j-Grab has an established reputation for cross-border and domestic EC consulting. We can handle a variety of issues including domestic and international EC platforms and malls, SEO, customer acquisition, advertising, and customer success, etc.

I consulted with the national support organization, but could not get an accurate answer....

Even if you consult with staff at JETRO, the Small and Medium Enterprise Corporation, or the Chamber of Commerce and Industry about cross-border EC, it is possible that you will not get good advice if the person you consult with is not a specialist in cross-border EC. It would be better to use them only for advice. We are active cross-border EC consultants specializing in cross-border EC, so please feel free to ask us any questions you may have. We are able to answer and resolve most of your questions and concerns.

I am wondering if I should get an FDA. I would also like to discuss tax and intellectual property matters.

We also provide consultation on standards and certifications, as the rules for B2B trade and B2C cross-border EC customs clearance differ greatly, and the rules for acquiring FDA vary depending on the EC mall in which you open your store. We also provide appropriate advice on Kansai and intellectual property rights. We also introduce accounting firms and services that specialize in cross-border EC.

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