The mission of J-Grab is to
deliver excellent Japanese products and services
through cross-border EC
to customers all over the world.

Cross-border EC and Companionship Support

代表取締役 山田彰彦

Around 1995, when I was working in the retail industry, I launched my own e-commerce store, thinking that the age of selling things around the world would come with the spread of the Internet. As a result, I achieved sales of over 10 million yen, but since I was self-taught, I had a lot of difficulties in the first year.

At the same time, I was scouted by the first president of eBay Japan, who was considering expanding into Japan, to join the company as a founding member. However, although the number of stores was increasing steadily, the companionship support to the stores was insufficient, and as a result, some of stores were forced to withdraw.

After that, I joined Yahoo! As the manager of the store business, I was able to increase the number of stores and expand the support services for the stores. However, I was unable to expand the overseas sales channels, which I had originally wanted to do.

Based on these experiences, I became convinced that a combination of "expansion of overseas sales channels" and "companionship support" would be absolutely necessary in the future, and founded J-Grab in 2010.

The Future of Cross-border EC

Cross-border EC is expanding rapidly all over the world, but selling to overseas markets with a Japanese sensibility is not a way to increase sales in a short period of time. We need to be proactive in adopting new e-commerce technologies, not to mention localization for overseas markets and attracting and promoting customers. It is important to be willing to take on new challenges without sticking to your past experiences.

In addition, there is no textbook for success in cross-border EC, so it is important to persistently repeat the PDCA cycle through constant trial and error. In order to achieve this, it is most important for both business operators and supporters to keep close communication, complement each other's patience and creativity from a medium- to long-term perspective, and work together.

j-Grab's Mission

In addition to delivering Japan's excellent products and services to customers around the world, j-Grab provide one-stop companionship support for all the services necessary for cross-border EC in order to make it a sustainable business that can respond to the declining birthrate, aging society, declining population, and various social issues that Japan is facing.

Difficult times continue around the world, but we believe that by staying close to our customers and supporting them with hope for the future, we will be able to overcome any problems together and move toward a better future.

代表取締役 山田彰彦Akihiko Yamada


Introducing the achievements of j-Grab

We have built up a track record of supporting more than 2,500 companies in cross-border EC, and we have supported more than 250 companies in building cross-border EC sites and opening of overseas EC malls.From major companies and local governments to large-scale development, the track record accumulated since our establishment in 2010 is the No. 1 in the cross-border EC industry.

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