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Regarding eBay

eBay started in 1995 as a CtoC (personal transaction) exchange site (flea market). Currently, eBay is also support global trading through cross-border EC in the BtoC and BtoB areas. Although some people may mistake it as an auction site, it is now a global e-commerce marketplace centered on new sales such as Amazon, where new sales exceed 90%. It is also possible to sell used products and single items whose prices are difficult to be determined in an auction style. In recent years, products from Japan have been selling particularly well.

The world's largest
cross-border EC marketplace

According to a survey in 2020, eBay's share of the top 10 EC sales in the United States is third only to Amazon and Walmart, maintaining its share as one of the world's largest cross-border EC marketplaces.

In Japan, eBay is not very popular, but in Canada, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and Australia, mainly in the United States, eBay is very popular, while in Australia, eBay is more popular than Amazon.

Comparing with Japanese Yahoo! that has about 10 million users, eBay has 180 million active users in more than 190 countries around the world! It is the world's largest cross-border EC marketplace.

Established: 1995
Market: Over 190 countries worldwide
Sellers: Over 25 million
Buyers: Over 182 million
Products: Over 1.4 billion
Annual Transaction volume: Approximately 10.3 trillion yen or more
Cross-border EC transactions: Approximately 30% or more of the total

Source:Terapeak / eBay.Inc

The Merits of eBay

  • Enable Selling in more than 190 countries around the world

    You can expand your sales channels to huge market size and users all over the world. Japanese products have high demands among overseas buyers, not only new products but also used products are purchased with the strongest authenticity in the world and good quality.

  • Reliable payment method

    eBay has introduced PayPal as an official payment method. When shopping online, customers (buyers) might worry about whether the product will actually arrive after they purchased the product, and the sellers might worry about whether will they be able to collect the sales proceeds. On eBay, the funds for product sold are held by PayPal, and in the case of credit card transactions, it is possible to receive it in almost real time. For the payment methods other than PayPal, they can be received within a few days after the transaction, so the cash flow is smooth for businesses.

    Also, with PayPal, you can easily receive the fund from sales and refund processing from the management screen or eBay. In the unlikely event that a problem occurs with the buyer, eBay and PayPal will work together to resolve the problem, so you can buy and sell on eBay without any doubt. Even if you made the payments and the product does not arrive, the full amount including the product price and shipping fee will be refunded within 48 hours after filing a report, so there is an advantage that the buyers can use eBay with confidence even if it the first cross-border EC transaction.

  • Get the email address of the purchaser

    With eBay, you can get the email address of the buyer who purchased the item from the PayPal transaction screen, so you can use it for post-sales marketing. If you have your own cross-border EC site, you can also introduce it by sending an e-mail newsletter. However, please note that direct transactions and email address exchanges are prohibited when contacting via messages within eBay.

  • Get information about products sold

    eBay offers multiple ways to look up information about the products sold. By utilizing the research function of Seller Hub, you can narrow down the search by keywords and seller's country, what kind of products were sold, fields and products that will sell well in the future, the features of the products of sellers that are selling well, etc.

  • Easy to attract customers

    If you have an online shop on your own domain, it is important to take measures to attract customers in order to sell your products. You have to attract customers through SEO measures, social commerce using SNS, listing advertisements on Google, etc., but it takes a lot of time and money. With eBay, the SEO measures and SNS of the eBay Marketplace itself are very good, so it is basically unnecessary for sellers to attract customers themselves. If you list your listings according to eBay rules, you're more likely to be ranked higher when buyers search.

The Demerits of eBay

  • There is a charge for products sold

    When your products are sold, you will have to pay a commission to eBay and PayPal, so we recommend that you calculate the commission to determine the selling price before listing your item. eBay will charge you differently depending on the product category. Please note that sales and commissions are will be calculated in US dollars, so your profits may fluctuate depending on exchange rate.

  • All the communication will be in English

    All communication with customers and eBay will be in English. Of course, it is possible to understand using automatic translation, but machine translation has its limits, and the meaning may not be translated correctly, especially for product information. In particular, if the meaning is not correctly communicated when dealing with troubles and complaints, the troubles may worsen, so it is necessary to separate human translations from machine translations and make good use of them.

  • Your products may not sell well immediately after listing

    eBay usually has Selling limits of up to $250 or $500 for 5 or 10 items immediately after opening an account. In order to ease the sales restrictions, it is recommended to list up to the limited number of products, repeat buying and selling and wait for about 3 months while gaining credit, or negotiate directly with eBay in English. Basically, you can ease or raise the limit only once a month.

    In addition, the number of transaction evaluations (feedback) is relatively important, and there is a need for a strategy to firmly acquire sales performance and customer evaluations. For example, it is impossible to get the sales of 10 million yen at the first month, you will need to take the time to grow your account.

  • Must sell according to eBay's policy

    If you violate the rules set by eBay, your sales might be suspended (your account will be suspended) or your account might be deleted, so it is necessary to understand the latest rules and list your products correctly according to the rules. You are advised to be extra careful when listing cosmetics, cosmetics, foods, etc. on eBay

  • There is a possibility of falling into price competition

    The number of Japanese sellers is increasing rapidly. In Japan, with a declining birthrate and an aging population, an increasing number of sellers are focusing on their overseas strategies to increase sales through exports. In some cases, there will be some categories that have to be price-competitive with competitors, so it is necessary to thoroughly investigate and analyze how to keep shipping costs and prices low, and make a profitable cross-border EC.

The flows to sell on eBay

In order to open a store on eBay and sell products, you need to register an account eBay seller account and open the store. It may be uneasy because it is all in English, but the cross-border EC consultant will carefully support you from opening the eBay store to listing and attracting customers.

  • Create an eBay seller account

    Other than an eBay seller account, you will need to get an international payment account such as PayPal and, in some cases.

  • Transaction setting / preparation

    Decide which products to sell, and set overseas sales prices, international shipping costs, return and refund rules, and operational rules such as shipping and logistics.

  • Product listing

    Translate product titles, descriptions, transaction rules, customs duty payments, shipping, payments, support support, etc. into English and list them.

  • Transaction / Delivery

    Once the transaction is completed, you will need to confirm the payment, pack the item by the specified shipping method and ship it promptly.

  • Customers' Feedback

    After the shipment is completed, you will need to the enter your tracking number into eBay/ contact customers about the shipment,then the transaction is considered completed after the customers left their reviews for transactions.

eBay Store Plans and Fees

On eBay, various paid store plans are available according to the seller's listing and sales status. All plans can be selected regardless of whether they are corporate or individual stores, and you can start your business for free if you are within the free product listing frame. If you have more than 50 products to list or a lot of sales, you need to choose the store plan that suits your needs and start your eBay business.

Store fee
Plan to start for FREE
Recommended for those who wants to experience cross-border EC
0USD/Month 50Items 35 Cents /Item Standard 10%
4.1% + 40JPY
(International transaction rate)
Starter Plan 4.95 USD~/Month 100 Items 30 Cents/Item
Basic PlanRecommended for personal eBay store 21.95 USD~/Month 250 Items 25 Cents/Item
Premium Plan 59.95 USD~/Month 1,000 Items 10 Cents/Item Standard 9.15%
Anchor Plan
Recommended for corporate stores
299.95 USD〜/Month 10,000 Items 5 Cents/Item
Enterprise Plan 2,999.95 USD〜/Month 100,000 Items 5 Cents/Item

Source:Researcg by J-Grab Cross-Border EC Lab

There is no initial cost when registering for an eBay account, but various fees are required from listing to completion of the transaction, and they are roughly classified into four types.

  • Listing fees incurred when listing
    (There is a free listing range)
  • Your listed products are sold
    Sales commission
  • PayPal costs when receiving payment
    Settlement Fee
  • eBay Store Paid Account Costs

Listing Fee

Sales Commission

PayPal Settlement Fee

Store Fee

Source:Research by J-Grab Cross-Border EC Lab

A commission of 2% to 12% will be charged when a product is sold on eBay, depending on the category of the listed product, and when the fund of the listed product is received through PayPal, there will be a settlement fee, which in the case of cross-border EC, it costs 4.1% + 40 JPY. The rate depends on the amount of sales.

(Per product)

Selling price + shipping fee
Successful bid fee Pay Pal
Settlemen Fee

Fees and profits

of the Sales
4.1% of the Sales
+ 40 JPY

Source:Research by J-Grab Cross-Border EC Lab

Products from Japan that are selling well

eBay is the world's number one global e-commerce mall where Japanese products also sell very well. From traditional crafts, rare items sold only in Japan, limited edition items, authentic brand items, watches, accessories, cameras, musical instruments, figures, trading cards, etc. those are generally distributed in the Japanese domestic EC market, to clothing, accessories, cosmetics and health foods are also available on eBay. Also, unlike Amazon, eBay has many collectors in the field of second-hand goods (USED), which are very popular for Japanese art, antiques, antiques, watches, and well-known branded goods in general.


The List of prohibited items on eBay

Before a seller can list an item, a seller should carefully check that if the item is permitted by national law and eBay. Even if it is legal to sell in the seller's country, it may be illegal to sell overseas, and if you do not list according to eBay's policy, the listing may be deleted. Please note that you will be subject to eBay account deletion and suspension.

Pharmaceutical and medical device policies prohibits contact lenses (for example), but other products are permitted in certain circumstances (including certain types of medical devices).

Examples of items that are banned from export from Japan include narcotics and psychotropic drugs, cannabis, stimulants and other fraudulent drugs, child pornography, patent rights, design rights, trademark rights, and articles that infringe copyright. The details will explained by a cross-border EC consultant.

What can j-Grab Do?

j-Grab is an "Ebay Japan Co., Ltd. Certified Consultant" . j-Grab Inc. consists of one of the founding member of eBay Japan,the representative Yamada,folowing by Yokokawa, a senior cross-border EC / eBay consultant, and an eBay Chief Advisor Hayakawa, etc. We offer individual and accompanying sales support plans exclusively for eBay, which are possible only because we are familiar with eBay's sales methods, the latest rules and policies of eBay.

For corporate eBay stores, in addition to the usual eBay store opening and sales support plans, expansion of sales slots, various eBay settings , advice on acquiring TRS (Top Rated Seller) qualifications to maximize sales, we provide support such as support in Japanese language in case of trouble. We also offer special exclusive consulting contracts that allow you to know about eBay know-how and techniques in a relatively short period of time.

We also offer eBay sales support plans for individual store openings, just like corporate store openings. We also have a special advice support plan that allows you to become independent in one year for those who cannot afford the long term support. Please contact us for the use of small-scale sustainability subsidies and IT introduction subsidies (for Japanese only).

For those who want to open / sell on eBay, those who have already opened an eBay account but sales are not increasing, those who have lost the competition and are selling on eBay without profit, those who want to succeed by linking eBay with Shopify and Magento, those who want to become a top rated seller (TRS), etc., j-Grab Inc. as an Ebay Japan Co., Ltd. certified consultant offer consultations for sales increase,store opening and store construction,as well as individual consultations, please so feel free to contact us.

Also, we offer Cross-border EC free seminar ,special documentation for eBay that show you the steps and methods you need to get a Top Rated Seller (TRS), to win the competition on eBay.Please download it and use it for eBay sales.


Source: J-Grab Cross-Border EC Lab

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