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Consignment-based cross-border EC platform
j-Grab Mall


Sell Globally with A Consignment Sales-Based Cross-Border E-Commerce Platform

j-Grab Mall is a new cross-border EC platform that allows Japanese brands and products to be sold worldwide. It provides one-stop support for overseas sales for cross-border EC businesses by linking with major overseas EC malls and displaying and selling products in real stores overseas.



Challenges that j-Grab Mall Solves

  • 商品が売れない

    The problem of products not selling.

    Despite starting cross-border e-commerce, customers are not visiting our online store, products are not selling, and sales are not growing...

  • 専任の担当者がいない

    The lack of a dedicated representative.

    We don't have a knowledgeable staff member for cross-border e-commerce and we don't have a dedicated resource to handle operations or expertise...

  • 予算が足りない

    Insufficient budget.

    We want to work on cross-border EC, but the development and operation costs are too large and the investment burden is too huge...


One-Stop Cross-Border E-Commerce Solution

We provide one-stop support for our customers' cross-border EC, including the creation of EC site catalogs in foreign languages, opening and listing in overseas EC malls, display and sales at overseas showroom stores, customer attraction and sales promotion support, and overseas delivery from designated warehouses in Japan. There is very little hands-on work for the customer.



JTB and j-Grab have formed a business partnership to jointly operate J-Grab Mall

In operating j-Grab Mall, JTB handles various aspects, including operating showroom stores in overseas branches and international shopping malls, managing the j-Grab Mall operations office, and handling everything from contracting with businesses for store openings to payment settlements. J-Grab, on the other hand, is responsible for the overall management of j-Grab Mall, supporting customer attraction and sales promotion through SNS and coupons, and conducting showroom store operations in collaboration with JTB.


The Strengths of j-Grab Mall

Showroom Store

We operate "j-Grab Mall Showroom Stores" at famous overseas department stores and some of the largest shopping malls in Asia, both as permanent and pop-up showrooms.

In showroom stores (showrooming), QR code sales events and customer surveys are conducted, and various data is provided as feedback to the participating businesses. This information can be used as a reference for localization efforts and future overseas expansion plans.

j-Grab Showroom Stores in Aeon Mall Cambodia Mien Chey and JTB Singapore Takashimaya have become permanent showroom stores, and there are plans to increase the number of permanent and pop-up stores in the future.

  • Singapore
  • Cambodia
  • America
    Sept 2023
  • Taiwan,Paris

Integration with Overseas E-commerce Malls

To reach a global audience of 5 billion people in 190 countries, we collaborate with major international e-commerce platforms. By establishing a presence on j-Grab Mall, you can your our products on various e-commerce platforms worldwide without the need for separate store setups, individual listing procedures, or customer support. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for additional operational tasks.

We are currently integrated with major overseas B2C e-commerce marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart, Shopee, Cdiscount, Ruten, and AeonMall. Additionally, we have collaborations with social media platforms like Facebook Shop, Instagram Shopping, Pinterest, and Google Shopping. This allows you to reach a wide audience and expand your online presence across various channels.

Furthermore, j-Grab staff members are actively involved in supporting participating businesses by assisting in the sales promotion and marketing of their products on social media. This is done with the aim of maximizing customer acquisition, as well as gaining early credibility and trust.

*Store openings in countries other than Shopee.sg will begin gradually after April 2023.

Easy Consignment Sales

j-Grab takes care of all the cumbersome tasks from product registration to order management and shipping. Customers do not need to worry about building their own shops, creating complex product catalogs, brand registration, translation, order handling, international payments, international shipping and packaging, or communicating with customers in foreign languages. j-Grab handles all these aspects, making it easier for customers to focus on your core business.


Fulfillment Service

Customers do not need to worry about the hassle of issuing invoices or creating shipping labels. After a successful transaction, for customers with low inventory, it becomes an order-based model where we will send instructions for you to ship the products to j-Grab's designated warehouse in Japan. For customers with a larger inventory, j-Grab can store the inventory and handle international shipping after the products are sold and packaged.


Customer Acquisition & Sales Promotion

Our marketing team will help you attract customers and promote your products on j-Grab's official Facebook page, which has a word-of-mouth community of approximately 1.7 million people, and on major international social media (Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, Youtube, WeChat, RED, etc.). We will operate in the best combination for your products and stores.



You can entrust us with all communication in foreign languages with overseas users. Our cross-border e-commerce consultants and support team will work together to handle all inquiries, questions, concerns, and troubleshooting related to customer inquiries, returns, refunds, exchanges, and other issues received from overseas customers in English or any other foreign language. We will ensure a thorough and reliable response.



The Flow of Consignment Sales

The tasks we would like you to do as a customer are "providing product information and photos" and "shipping the products to our domestic warehouse."

  • 01
    Please fill out the application form on the j-Grab Mall or send the required info to the e-mail address of the JTB j-Grab Mall office. We will contact you with information on procedures, costs, and contracts for opening a store. At the same time, we will screen your application.
  • 02
    Creation of product information & the shipment of products
    Product information is required via a dedicated web form. Product name and description, specifications and ingredient information, wholesale price, stock quantity, development story, company profile, etc. If you wish to store inventory in advance, we will ask you to ship a fixed quantity of products to a designated warehouse in Japan.
  • 03
    Product registration & sales
    Based on the "Product Entry Sheet" filled out, our cross-border EC consultants will carefully examine the content. If there are no problems, we will translate the content, register and post the products on j-Grab Mall, overseas EC malls, SNS stores, etc., and finally start selling them.
  • 04
    Orders & Shipping
    All that remains is to wait for the order to be placed. After the order is confirmed, you need to confirm our notification to you for the order and ship (deliver) the goods to the designated warehouse. For businesses that have already stocked the product, the product will be automatically picked up and shipped overseas, so you do not need to do anything.


Overseas Product Liability Insurance

For customers using j-Grab Mall, we require them to enroll in "Overseas Public Liability Insurance" provided by Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co., Ltd. We aim to provide peace of mind to our customers by leveraging three key features of the insurance policy to address overseas public liability risks in cross-border e-commerce.
※If you have already enrolled in overseas public liability insurance, there is no need to enroll again as it would be redundant.

  • 1) Negotiate settlements on behalf of the insured

    We not only provide support for insurance claims but also full support until resolution.

  • 2) Guarantee indirect exports and gray market products

    Even if the product is manufactured and sold only in Japan, there is a possibility of receiving a claim for damages overseas.

  • 3)Compensation is for export sales of 100 million JPY or less

    The coverage area is worldwide except Japan. The coverage period is one year from the month the service is activated and is automatically renewed. The maximum amount of coverage is US$0.5mil per accident with no deductible.


Feedback from Store Owners

  • We operate our cross-border e-commerce sites "Magento" and "eBay," but by also listing our products on the multi-channel j-Grab Mall, we were able to expand our presence on numerous major international e-commerce platforms. Particularly, in our showroom stores, we received orders from customers who actually tried on Kimono gowns, allowing us to achieve this with minimal investment and low operational burden.


  • We are engaged in selling local products and trading cards. It has been challenging to individually list our items on multiple international e-commerce platforms, but by joining j-Grab Mall, we have increased our chances of selling worldwide. We were pleasantly surprised to find that the prices at which our products sold were higher than the domestic market prices. This has allowed us to continue our business with minimal investment, even if we don't generate significant sales yet.


  • We are engaged in cross-border e-commerce sales, primarily focusing on popular Japanese snacks and candies, as well as cup ramen, drip coffee, and miscellaneous goods, which are particularly popular among foreigners. We sell more than 20 cases of cup ramen in a month, and we have customers who purchase five boxes at once, including brands like Yoku Moku and Shiroi Koibito. Some customers buy these items as gifts for their friends. It's a daily experience filled with surprises as we continue with our sales!

    JCS Manager


Rate Plans

From April 1st, 2023 (※1), a limited-time special rate will be applied. The sales commission is 0% when providing at wholesale price and 40% when specifying the overseas selling price. The number of eligible items for listing is set to 3 products with 10 SKUs per company. It is also possible to increase the quantity of translated product catalogs for an additional fee of 15,000 JPY per additional product (up to 10 SKUs). Please consult us for a large number of products or SKUs.

  • Normal Fee

    Initial Cost of Opening a Store300,000 JPY Operation & Customer Attraction Management50,000 JPY/Month Showroom Store Exibition750,000 JPY/Year Overseas Product Liability Insurance(Group Contract)36,000 JPY(First Year)/Year Sales Commissions0% (Wholesale price selling) / 40% (Specifying the selling price)

  • Special Rate(※1)

    Initial Cost of Opening a Store200,000 JPY Operation & Customer Attraction Management30,000 JPY/Month Showroom Store Exibition300,000 JPY/Year Overseas Product Liability Insurance(Group Contract)36,000 JPY(First Year)/Year Sales Commissions0% (Wholesale price selling) / 40% (Specifying the selling price)

Important notes

  • Currently, we are receiving a high volume of applications, and we are providing information in order. The estimated time from application to listing on j-Grab Mall is approximately one month, and for integration with other EC malls, it is expected to take 1.5 to 2 months.
  • There is a screening process for opening a store.
  • There may be subsidies or grants available from country or local governments related to cross-border EC, such as IT implementation subsidies. Please consult with j-Grab before applying for more details.
  • The dates and locations of showroom sales will be notified to the participating sellers. As of March 2023, the permanent venues are Meanchey store at Aeon Mall Cambodia and Singapore Takashimaya JTB Rurubu Shop. There may also be pop-up showroom stores held in addition to the permanent venues.
  • Overseas product liability insurance is mandatory before the start of the service. The premium may vary based on sales from the second fiscal year onwards.
  • SKU stands for "Stock Keeping Unit" and is the smallest unit of inventory management. The difference between the number of items and SKUs is that items represent the types of products, while SKUs represent the variations within the same product. For example, if there is one T-shirt with the same shape and design but three sizes and two color variations, the number of items is "1," but when calculated in SKUs, it becomes 3 × 2 = "6 SKUs."
  • The sales commission rates differ between "wholesale price selling" and "specifying the selling price." The commission rate for "specifying the selling price" is 40%. This option is used when manufacturers, retailers, or distributors want to specify the selling price to consumers, such as when there are overseas distributors setting the selling price. Please use this option in such cases. For "wholesale price selling," the commission rate is 0%. It is used when wholesalers or sellers entrust their products to retailers (in this case, j-Grab) at the wholesale price.
  • There are records of local governments, support organizations, and financial institutions supporting local small and medium-sized enterprises with support plans utilizing cross-border EC (such as j-Grab Mall). We can flexibly accommodate your budget, support period, and the number of companies. For more information, please consult us through here.


Application Requirements

  • The product must be eligible for import and sale in the target export country.
  • The product must not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of the target export country.
  • Please provide clear photographs of the product on a white or plain background, and organize the photo filenames in a clear and understandable manner. Multiple photos should be provided.
  • You must agree to the rules and policies of j-Grab Mall and overseas EC malls.
  • You must be able to provide the products for sale until the planned listing date or deliver them to j-Grab's designated domestic warehouse (storage inventory quantity can be discussed).
  • You must be able to provide the necessary information and documents required for export/import and sales (e.g., ingredient lists, Safety Data Sheets)
  • If there is a request to provide sample products for showroom store implementation, you must be able to provide them, bearing the shipping cost to the designated domestic location.
  • It is desirable for the product to have a JAN (Japanese Article Number) code. If the product does not have a JAN code, please consult with j-Grab.
  • Please provide any necessary coupons, discounts, additional information, or materials required for sales or promotions.
  • If selling at wholesale price, you must agree to the possibility of changing the selling price or offering discounts in overseas markets.

Important notes

  • The selling price of the product will be determined by j-Grab and JTB based on the wholesale price provided in the entry sheet. If there are any conditions regarding the selling price, please consult before filling out the entry sheet.
  • After a sales contract is made, JTB will calculate and determine the sales amount from the end of the month to the end of the following month.
  • Regarding returns and refunds, we request a grace period of approximately 90 days from the date of the order. If a refund is issued, we may contact you to issue an invoice and arrange for the refund amount to be transferred.
  • The inventory quantity and available purchase quantity will be adjusted among j-Grab, JTB, and participating companies.
  • International shipping fees, customs duties, and EC mall sales fees are the responsibility of the buyer and will be included in the selling price.
  • For advertising, sales promotions, and showroom store displays, we may discuss the provision of product samples free of charge.
  • j-Grab Mall and showroom stores provide reports to participating businesses by aggregating data and surveys over a certain period. The data that can be provided may be subject to the rules and policies of each affiliated EC mall.
  • The application allows for 3 products and 10 SKUs, but additional catalog creation with translation is possible for an additional fee of 15,000 JPY per product. Please inquire for more details.
  • Commissioned sale items may not be available for sale on all affiliated EC malls and SNS shops. It is not possible to specify the desired EC mall for sales.
  • Frozen and refrigerated products can be shipped using the Cool International Mail Service, but the delivery countries are limited. Please inquire for more details.
  • If there are countries or regions where sales are not possible, please specify the excluded countries in the designated field during the application process.
  • In the case of orders from conflict zones, politically unstable countries or regions, or countries/areas where logistics companies cannot deliver, j-Grab and JTB may cancel the order at their discretion.


j-Grab Mall Introduction Video


Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to join, but what do I have to do first?

Please apply by clicking on the "Consultation and Application for Opening a Store" button below. If you are qualified, j-Grab Mall Management Office, JTB Inc. will send you an online contract (via Docusign) by e-mail, and we ask that you sign the contract online. Also, you will need to transfer the payment to the account designated by JTB before the service starts. Once we confirm the transfer, we will contact you with a dedicated form for entering product information and proceeding with the opening of the store and product registration.

What does Showroom Store (Showrooming) mean?

A showroom store (showrooming) is an action where consumers visit a physical store to see and test products when choosing and considering a purchase. When considering a purchase, many people prefer to physically handle the product, try it out, and examine its color, shape, and size before deciding whether to buy it or not. While the actual purchase of the product is done online, a showroom store (showrooming) allows consumers to visit a physical store and not only inspect the products but also build trust in their quality and brand. This is a crucial opportunity that combines e-commerce sales with an "omnichannel strategy" recommended by j-Grab Mall.

When is it possible to start exhibiting in the showroom store?

Customers participating in the showroom store are required to send your sample products to our designated location. Products are replaced every three to four months, and will be displayed at the most recent timing, but you may have to wait a while. Please contact our office for the detailed start date.

Is it possible to sell online only?

Yes, it is possible. For customers engaged in purchasing or wholesale, it is not mandatory to have sales in the showroom store for their own products, as it may be difficult to cover the expenses. It is recommended to start with online sales in the first year and consider using the showroom store from the second year if the products sell well.

Can I receive any communication or materials during the sales period?

We provide individual reports to customers during the store opening period. These reports include an overview of j-Grab Mall, data obtained from major e-commerce platforms, announcements on social media, survey results from the showroom store, and advice from cross-border e-commerce consultants.

Is it necessary to store the inventory in a designated warehouse?

Customers who do not have or have a low inventory are not required to store their products in a specified warehouse. Once the transaction is confirmed, J-Grab will contact you via email to arrange for delivery. Please ensure that you can send the products by courier or other means on the same day or at the latest the next morning. We kindly request your cooperation to avoid any out-of-stock situations. *Please note that if there are multiple instances of out-of-stock items, we may ask you to leave the store.

Can I see photos of the showroom store exhibition venue?

j-Grab's cross-border EC blog publishes the latest information about showroom stores.

Cambodia: Aeon Mall Mean Chey Store

Singapore: Takashimaya JTB Rurubu Gift Shop

Is it possible to utilize subsidies or grants?

Starting from the 2023 IT Introduction Subsidy, the inclusion of cross-border e-commerce mall exports has become eligible for subsidies (T&C apply). Therefore, it is possible to utilize this subsidy. In addition to the IT Introduction Subsidy, there may be other subsidies or grants that can be utilized. J-Grab has been certified as an IT Introduction Subsidy support partner by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for seven consecutive years, with a track record of adoption by over 80 companies. If there are subsidies that J-Grab cannot directly support, it is also possible to provide referrals to small and medium-sized enterprise consultants or subsidy consulting companies. Please consult with us in advance.

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