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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to customize and transfer operations of Shopify and Magento built by other companies?

It is possible from past cases, but it can be difficult if you are using some older versions. Experts familiar with Shopify and Magento will check the status of your cross-border EC sites, mail servers, databases, infrastructure, etc. currently in operation and then provide appropriate advice. If it is possible, we will cooperate with existing vendor to support the transfer procedure promptly and safely.

What will happen to the operation after the cross-border EC site is built?

We provide specialized support for operations as part of our accompaniment support. With Shopify, you don't have to worry about servers, so we'll focus on providing support for attracting customers and operation. Regarding Magento, we provide backup of customer information and product data, server security monitoring, security patches, minor version upgrade support, etc.

If you want to build Magento in the environment you already have, you will need to prepare a server environment for Magento to operate, perform backup, security monitoring, security patches, and minor version upgrades of Magento on your own.

In addition, j-Grab is not just building cross-border EC site. but also providing ”Accompaniment support”. Accompaniment support combines global support and consultation service, such as minor text changes, integration with overseas EC malls such as eBay and Amazon, the latest rules and usage methods, the tariffs, cross-border EC circumstances of the target country, consultation regarding the international logistics and etc. Our cross-border EC consultants and experienced engineers will provide thorough support for our clients.

Can I build an EC site for Japan with Shopify or Magento?

Shopify and Magento are EC platforms that support multiple languages ​​and multiple currencies, so you can build and operate EC sites for Japan without any problems.

Among the clients supported by J-Grab, there are some online shops which are selling only in Japan in Japanese.

Is it possible to build and operate on a large scale with Shopify Plus and Magento Commerce?

Both Shopify Plus and Magento Commerce are possible to be built. We have a proven track record for Shopify Plus and Magento Commerce construction for government offices and large corporations.Please feel free to contact j-Grab and we can discuss further on this.

Can j-Grab develop Shopify apps or Magento extensions?

Yes, j-Grab is providing Shopify apps & Magento Extension development services. We accept consultations depending on the development scale and specifications in two ways, which is developing by J-Grab and requesting a partner development company that specialises in application and extension development to build it. We also accept consultations on the construction and development of complicated integration functions such as functions that cannot be supplemented by apps and extensions, integration with in-house core systems, inventory integration, and RPA utilisation.

What features can I add with apps and extensions?

Shopify and Magento can add a variety of features by installing the published apps and extensions.

For example, there are many functions available, such as the function to link and list the products from Magento or Shopify stores to eBay and Amazon, iPhone and Android apps, cash on delivery function, regular sales, reservation sales system, coupon system, B2B estimation function, blog, SNS linkage with Facebook, Instagram, etc., Sales Force Integration for order status linkage function and customer management. It is possible to help you to save time and cost because all these functionalities can be achieved without development.

How many countries can the cross-border EC selling in?

Since it is a cross-border EC platform that enables you to sell your products all over the world such as China, Europe, America, and Southeast Asia, there is no country that you cannot selling in.

In addition, there is a function to exclude the countries that you do not want to sell your products to, such as countries with distributors and sales representatives, and it is possible to limit the countries to sell your products. By excluding countries with poor logistics conditions and countries with many troubles and returns, it is possible to operate a stable cross-border EC business.

Is there a trial version for Shopify or Magento?

Shopify has the free trial for 14 days. As for Magento, we are only able to provide Magento trial version (demo environment) at our company. With the trial version, you can actually experience the front screen and management screen. Also, you can try to list your products for sale, create categories, and try the CMS features.


Please send a message toContact usto experience the trial version.

Is it possible to build cross-border EC other than Shopify and Magento?

It is also possible to build a cross-border EC site on EC platforms other than Shopify and Magento.

At the moment, there are more than 95% of EC store is built with Shopify or Magento and is operating a stable cross-border EC business. Please feel free to contact us regarding the EC platform.

Are there any payment methods available other than Stripe and PayPal payments?

Stripe is the most popular international payment for Shopify and Magento. Of course, it is possible to introduce PayPal payment, and if you introduce it in Shopify, you will be charged a fee of 2% added to the PayPal fee. In Magento, Stripe is included in the initial build and can be used immediately if you have a Stripe ID. As for the Other payment companies, they can be used by installing the apps or extensions such as GMO Payment Gateway, GMO Epsilon, VeriTrans, Sony Payment Service, SoftBank Payment Service, etc.

In addition to credit card payments, j-Grab's Magento that come with the standard Stripe payments offers a variety of payment methods that are compliant with global payments, such as Alipay and WeChat Pay, which are required for sales in China.

I'm dissatisfied with the Paypal payment fee, is there a solution?

As an example, for overseas transaction settlement of less than 300,000 yen, a fee of 4.1% + 40 yen is required. Furthermore, when you transfer money from your PayPal account to a Japanese bank, a foreign exchange fee of about 3% is deducted, which is not a fee that can be ignored.

In that case, you can use Stripe payment as the solution we are introducing, or you can open an overseas bank account and reduce the exchange fee to about half of PayPal.

I'm not good at foreign languages, is that okay?

It's okay. j-Grab provides accompaniment support service since the cross-border EC shop and overseas EC mall shop opened.

Our cross-border EC consultants are fluent in English and Japanese, so the supports for the questions and consultations, refunds, returns, troubles, etc. from overseas buyers are provided. It is depending on the cases, our cross-border EC consultants may provide a reply comment to the overseas buyers or make an international call directly.

The communication for Cross-border EC is often using English, but in some cases there are enquiries in Chinese and other languages but it is okay because we provide accompaniment support, you can start the cross-border EC business without any hassle.

It is unlikely to have one meeting and conclude everything. Is there any problems to provide cconsultations for clients overseas?

Cross-border EC consultants will consult and answer your questions as many times as you like until you are satisfied. j-Grab provides Cross-border EC consultation and individual support for more than 1,000 companies, cross-border EC seminars, all-round consultation, events, workshops, etc. Also, j-Grab is a Cross-border EC specialists certified by JETRO, Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Small and Medium Enterprise Agency for cross-border EC consultation and individual support. As for the overseas clients, we will utilize telephone conferencing tools such as Zoom, Skype, Temas, LINE, and Google Meet to provide Face to Face consultation. If you are in a hurry, you can also call us. Please also make use of this: Cross-border EC Seminar

What are the details of the construction cost and operation cost of the cross-border EC site?

In order to build a Cross-border EC site, besides the initial construction cost, Shopify requires a monthly accompaniment support fee (with consultation), while Magento requires a monthly accompaniment support and server operation agency fee.

As options other than standard construction, it will change depending on the presence or absence of customisation such as installation of apps and extensions for your EC site, listing your products and integrate your order data with on eBay and Amazon, translation, shooting, invoice using RPA, automatic creation function of international slips and etc.

For quotation and consultation, please feel free to contact us.

How to leave products to logistics and warehousing companies?

Introducing logistics companies and warehousing companies that have partnerships with j-Grab. Not only the cost is cheap, but there are strengths and weaknesses depending on the products to be deposited. As for checking the temperature control and picking quality, each company will be individually introduced by our cross-border EC consultant, so you don’t have to worry about it.

In addition, it is possible to issue slips and invoices using Shopify and Magento that utilise logistics companies and APIs, apps and extensions of logistics companies, and with unique scenario cooperation system that utilises RPA. Please feel free to contact us to understand further.

Where can I find the latest information on Shopify, Magento, and cross-border EC?

The cross-border EC blog is also updated irregularly by cross-border EC consultants. In addition, we also offer articles like "What is Shopify", "What is Magento", "Comparison between Magento and Shopify”, and "Cross-border EC Utilising Subsidies". Also, as for the “Download Materials”, the materials like the "Top Rated Seller (TRS)", which is necessary to win the competition on eBay and to sell your products to 200 countries around the world is also free for download. The latest information and cross-border EC seminar information are also posted on our official Facebook and Twitter.

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