Abundant achievements and overwhelming know-how.
Build a cross-border EC site that sells.

We help our clients to increase sales with J-Grab's unique site construction service
based on the abundant experience and overwhelming know-how of cross-border EC consultants.


No more worries about building a cross-border EC site

j-Grab provides a construction service that best utilizes "Shopify" and "Magento".

Rich Functionality and Flexible

A special Magento tuned by J-Grab based on the overwhelming know-how and abundant achievements of cross-border EC consultants.

  • All-in-one required functions

    Since all the functions required for cross-border EC such as multilingual / multicurrency, ordering / payment / shipping procedures are included, it is possible to set up an online shop smoothly and quickly.

  • "Selling Well" design theme

    You are free to choose from the best-selling and sophisticated design themes recommended by our cross-border EC consultants.

  • Flexible extensibility and customization

    By adding extensions, it is possible to customize and arrange cross-border EC sites that fit your company's operations.


We are providing FREE demo version of Magento.

You can try and experience with the Magento demo shop.
Please feel free to talk to us.

Small start with an emphasis on speed

There is no need to install a system or server, and all the functions required for online sales can be operated online, thus it is possible to start to sell online immediately after the site is opened.

  • Speedy construction at low cost

    Shopify is an EC platform, so you can start an online shop with a low installation cost.

  • Supports multiple languages ​​and currencies

    In addition to multilingual and multicurrency, which are essential for cross-border EC, Shopify also support payments and shipping around the world.

  • Highly designed theme/h4>

    With a wide variety of sophisticated themes, you can easily build a well-designed shop.



Achieved No.1 in cross-border EC site construction

We had helped more than 170 clients, including major companies and government offices to build & setup their cross border EC store.

Thorough security measures

We are implementing various security measures for safe and secure shop operation.

  • Always support SSL

    Not only the inquiry form for cross-border EC sites, SSL is also supported on all pages(information encrypted transmission / reception). The cost is included in the server cost of the cross-border EC site, so there is no need for the business operator to purchase and update it.

  • Privacy Mark

    The privacy mark system is a system that evaluates that if the business operator has established a system on their cross-border EC site to handle personal information appropriately and permits the use of the "privacy mark" as a proof, J-Grab received the Privacy Mark in March 2019.

  • Listed corporate infrastructure

    We use the infrastructure of listed companies optimized for Magento for clients (businesses) that choose to use the servers provuded by us. It is possible to browse from all over the world by using a network with a stable backbone as well as peace of mind.

We help you to solve your worries and
questions about building a cross-border EC site!

Do you want to build a cross-border e-commerce site, but you have troubles/concerns such as "I want to have unique functions and original designs ..." "Which is better, Shopify or Magento..." "I built a site with another company but I want to transfer it ..." ? J-Grab's online shop construction solution will help you to solve all those problems.

I want to be particular in the function and design, can I customize it?

Our strength is to provide flexible development system that follows our customers' requirements.

We are practicing site construction that follows customer requests as much as possible, such as adding functions that are not included as standard and original designs. Not only can you expand the functionality using the Shopify app and Magento extensions, but you can also flexibly customize your own EC site.

I'm having trouble of building a site. Is there a recommended method or solution?

We will propose the most suitable construction method for your EC site.

Should Shopify or Magento be the platforms used to build cross-border EC sites? Or is WooCommerce good? You don't have to worry about it. At J-Grab, our experienced cross-border e-commerce consultants will listen carefully to the needs and goals of our customers and propose optimal construction methods.

I would like to move from a site that is built and operated by another company. Can I consult with you?

There are many cases of transfer from other companies' constructed EC sites.

Recently, there have been an increasing number of consultations such as "I built an EC site with Shopify or Magento, but it doesn't work", “The sales do not exceed expectations", and "I can't respond to updates of the EC platforms“. At J-Grab, our experienced engineers will thoroughly investigate the status of existing sites to provide appropriate advice and smooth transfer procedures.



Please let us provide you with consultations.

Launching of a cross-border e-commerce shop is not the end. In order to increase sales and succeed, it is necessary for cross-border EC consultants to provide accompanying support in the three scenes of opening a store, attracting customers, and operating.

Please feel free to contact us.


Weekdays from 10:00 to 22:00 / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from 10:00 to 20:00