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Cross-border EC Sales Agent Services

Selling Japanese brands to the world through
"Online" x "Showroom Store"

j-Grab Mall is a cross-border e-commerce mall that allows you to sell products from Japan to the world. Along with online store opening and sales, j-Grab Mall enables "showroom store sales" where your products can be displayed in actual stores overseas and can be purchased via QR code. With this unprecedented initiative, we will support Japanese businesses to expand their overseas operations and sales channels. Since it is operated by a Japanese company, you can focus on overseas sales with peace of mind.

Business alliance with JTB!
A Cross-border EC platform from Japan

To date, j-Grab Inc. and JTB Corporation have entered into a business alliance regarding cross-border EC business and have provided a wide range of cross-border EC support services to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Fukuoka Prefecture, other local governments, and support organizations such as SME Support Japan.

This time, "j-Grab Mall" has been newly selected as a cross-border e-commerce mall model project for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. In operating the j-Grab Mall, JTB will operate showroom stores at its overseas branches and act as the j-Grab Mall operating secretariat, handling everything from store opening contracts with businesses to the exchange of exhibit information and sales settlements in a safe and secure manner. j-Grab will also be responsible for the overall operation of the j-Grab Mall, attracting customers through SNS using influencers, and operating a showroom store in collaboration with JTB.

Features of j-Grab Mall

Immediate sales in cooperation with local showroom stores

Products to be sold at the j-Grab Mall will be exhibited and QR-coded for immediate sale at Takashimaya in Singapore, Taiwan, and other locations. In addition, we will conduct questionnaires directly from purchasers and potential purchasers at the showroom/store and provide feedback to the businesses.

One-stop service from product registration to order receipt and shipping

Businesses do not have to go through the tedious process of product registration and translation. All you need to do is write a product entry sheet in Japanese, and j-Grab will translate it and list the product on the j-Grab Mall on your behalf. After a purchase is made, j-Grab continues to provide one-stop services, including order receipt, international payment agency services, shipping instructions from domestic warehouses to overseas, contact with the selling business, etc.

Fulfillment service available: Just leave your products in our warehouse and we handle everything!

Businesses are not required to emit cumbersome invoices or prepare vouchers. For delivery of goods sold, businesses themselves do not have to issue international vouchers, customs notifications, invoices, etc., but just ship them to our designated warehouse in Japan for inventory management. After sales, we provide "GSP (Global Shipping Service)" as a standard feature, which is a one-stop service from product packaging to international shipping.

Sales integration with major overseas EC marketplaces and social commerce

Sales are not limited to j-Grab Mall online store. We will maximize customer attraction and sales promotion by linking our online store to major international e-commerce marketplaces such as Facebook Shop, Instagram Shopping, Google Shopping, Shop Channel, etc. as our branches. By accumulating international transaction track records at our main online store and branches, we will be able to build and gain customer trust and confidence at an early stage.

Influencer promotion through social media

Our influencers and marketing team will promote and publicize the products to be sold, actively advertising the products and stores on our official Facebook page which have 1.7 million fans, Instagram, WeChat and RED.

Data analysis and provision by marketing team

Our dedicated marketing team will help you to understand the demographics of the users who visit j-Grab Mall, such as what are their interests, what kind of actions are they taking, etc. Data analysis will be performed for the purpose of activating the mall and increasing store sales. We also provide the analyzed data to our customers as marketing data.

Flow of Consignment Sales (Listing, Selling, and Shipping)

j-Grab provides one-stop outsourcing service to coordinate the products of businesses that find it difficult to expand their business to overseas e-commerce malls on their own, store the products in a domestic warehouse, list the products on the j-Grab Mall on their behalf, link them to actual sales, sell, ship, and report sales.

Only 5 simple steps to open a store on j-Grab Mall!

  • Businesses: Apply on the web from this information page (subject to screening for opening a store)
  • Management Office: Replies to the businesses acknowledging receipt of the application and conducts a preliminary hearing
  • Management Office: Send "Agreement" for opening a store and "Product Entry Sheet" for products exhibiting to the selected businesses
  • Businesses: Sign the agreement online and send the products entry sheet back to us
  • Management Office: After receiving the products entry sheet, you can open a store on j-Grab Mall and start your business!
  • If everything goes smoothly, you can open a new store and start your business in as little as two weeks(※) from the time of application.
  • j-Grab cross-border EC consultants will explain the details after the start of sales.
  • JTB handles payment and billing on your behalf, and the closings of the sales proceeds, net of handling fees, take place at the end of each month and the payments will be transferred to the designated bank account the following month. (Bank transfer fees should be borne by businesses.)

Who is eligible to join us?

Eligible organizations to join j-Grab Mall are limited to the following categories. In addition to manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, local governments, financial institutions, and support organizations, the business partners of the mentioned organizations can also join j-Grab Mall.
Please contact us for more details.

  • Corporation
  • Autonomous Body
  • Support Organizations
  • Financial Institutions

Rate Plans

As a limited-time special rate (※1) until March 31, 2022, only 30 companies will be able to use the service with only a 20% sales commission (fixed), without incurring initial costs, operation and customer attraction management costs, and showroom store opening costs. For businesses applying on or after April 1, 2022, (※2) special time-limited rates will apply, and sales commissions will vary depending on the location of the sale. Please contact us for details.

Normal Charge Special Rate(※2) Special Rate(※1)
Initial Cost 300,000 JPY → 100,000 JPY → 0 JPY
Operation & Customer Attraction Management Fee 50,000 JPY/Month
→ 20,000 JPY → 0 JPY
Showroom Store Opening Fee 750,000 JPY/Held independently → 50,000 JPY〜
→ 0 JPY
Sales Commissions 40% → 20%〜(Fluctuate) → 20%(Fixed)

※The date, time and location of the showroom sale will be announced directly to the vendors.

Consultation & Application to Open a Store on j-Grab Mall

Please note that there is a screening process for opening a store and sell your products on j-Grab Mall.

※ We are currently inundated with applications and will be replying them one by one. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


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